NEW Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay! Exclusive Pokemon Let’s Go Details!

NEW Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay and Exclusive Pokemon Let’s Go Details! Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee has me more excited with every bit of new gameplay!

New Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee Website
Datamined Item in Pokemon Let’s Go

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John Robertson says:

@7:55. “with a lvl 18 vulpix” I think you mean voltorb lol. <3

Morton McCastle says:

A Gambler with an overleveled Diglett? We know what that means! FISSURE!

Craze The Game says:

Finally a main stream multiplayer Pokemon game. I’m so excited for this game 😀

Talia says:

Count Olaf confirmed for Pokémon: Series Of Unfortunate Events

Mlg Lucas says:

I’m gonna sub you cause you have typhlosion on your channel and he’s my favorite starter 😀

K A says:

Im really looking forward to this game. Gamefreak is finally adding visable pokemon in the wild. The game I have always wanted is an open world game though.That has yet to come

Lee Nelson says:

If e3 wasn’t just a demo and you can catch starters in the wild I am going to be so excited. Although I sort of hope they keep it the way you got them in yellow. I think Abra will probably flee if you don’t catch it first time

Samuel Johnson says:

Hime means Princess. The literal name of the channel is Princess Princess.

jess pace says:

<3 derp pidgeotto

Zwill's co op Channel says:

I just realized that Pokemon go is the only game you can catch them all

ForbiddenFateGaming says:

I don’t understand how people can hate a game

*that isnt even out yet*

Nnnmvbgdrj Ctgbugjv says:

Will it be zeraora?

Rudy R says:

Where the f*** are the new Pokemon I came to see…

Philip Turner says:

Your the trainer tips version for main series Pokemon games

Safwankp9 says:

That erratic movements of pokemons arw already available in Pikemon Go and there….abra has a super high flee rate which correlates to teleport so if u wanna see more on that u can try play pokemon go itself….its frustrating in itself n requires mote throwing skill than lets go here ^^

Shak Pherze says:

7:26 I think they’ve made it so that Vulpix is Sandshrew’s counterpart (this is more evident with the Ice-type Alola forms they’ve received), while Bellsprout is Oddish’s.

Brandon Smith says:

Just get a PKM Snap feel… Replace the camera, add a player that you move, and there you go. Excited about the release!

My Channel Sucks Help says:

Verlis reply saying beans and I’ll buy this game if you don’t reply saying beans I’ll still buy this game

Tyler Kovalskas says:

Great video verlisify, and i am so hyped for Pokemon let’s go!!!!!!!!!

Chilli_Gamer221 Chilli_Gamer221 says:

pokemon ultra sun = pikachu

pokemon ultra moon = evee

my reason why is because ultra sun has sandslash excusive and so does pokemon lets go pikachu and same with vulpix but reversed and this is in the pokemon sm/usum universe because alolan forms

Gabe The weeb says:

If my little cousins get this game, they’re gonna run their asses away from all these pokemon and battle the gyms with level 18 pokemon

Justin Smith says:

Sort of wish I had a switch for this game alone. Oh well. Also, happy to see a furry being out in the spotlight on social media. I’m a pup and a furry admirer.

M Syahril Niezam J says:

There are some doubts i have about this game. First, there is no breeding so there is no baby pokemon? What would happen to king’s rock evo line? Are they just gonna be trash especially onix. So, does magmar and Electabuzz gonna be trash too? Especially with all mega evolve pokemon running around. So if there is fairy type move, what happen if Eevee got it? Does it evolve? And how about steel type? There is not much steel type pokemon if they are just using gen 1 pokemon only. I just thinking would it be fun if let’s go pokemon will be linked with pokemon go and through it you can get pokemon other form that isn’t available such as alolan form. Basically you need to play both.

1The Real Golden Frog1 says:

Actually, I hate the way they changed the rival’s personality in this game, but other than that, the game looks very promising.

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