Pokémon GO has Updated with 19 Raid Bosses! How good are the Raid Bosses in Pokémon GO, Can you Solo the New Raid Bosses and will people go for these new Pokémon GO Raid Boss Catches?!

★ Pokémon GO Raid Boss MAX CP Infograph:

List of New Pokémon GO Raid Bosses:
★ LEVEL 1 ★
Ivysaur – CP 5238 (831-886 CP)
Metapod – CP 1534 (209-239 CP)
Charmeleon – CP 5038 (793-847 CP)
Wartortle – CP 4503 (705-756 CP)

★ LEVEL 2 ★
Magneton – CP 14172 (1208-1278 CP)
Sableye – CP 8266 (694-745 CP)
Sandslash – CP 12312 (1262-1330 CP)
Tentacruel – CP 12190 (1287-1356 CP)
Marowak – CP 9891 (908-966 CP)
Cloyster – CP 15678 (1338-1414 CP)

★ LEVEL 3 ★
Ninetales – CP 14914 (1167-1233 CP)
Scyther – CP 17358 (1337-1408 CP)
Omastar – CP 18915 (1460-1534 CP)
Porygon – CP 11419 (840-895 CP)

★ LEVEL 4 ★
Poliwrath – CP 24247 (1325-1395 CP)
Victrebell – CP 23780 (1228-1296 CP)
Golem – CP 30572 (1589-1666 CP)
Nidoking – CP 24873 (1294-1363 CP)
Nidoqueen – CP 23216 (1267-1336 CP)

The Previous Raid Bosses: Machamp, Alakazam, Gengar, Lapras, Snorlax & Tyranitar are STILL available in Pokémon GO! Every other old Raid Boss is no longer available.

★ Pokémon GO List of Raid Boss & Weakness & Best Moves! ★

★ Using 5.1 Million Stardust in Pokémon GO (by RobRob Rob)


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Andrew Potts says:

Espeon and umpreon would be cool adds as raid bosses. they are cool pokemon but cant see myself walking the 10k just to get more of them.

postmasterpez says:

Sad that Tyranitar is left. You don´t get exited for Larvitars anymore.

Eduardo De Souza Magalhães says:

Did vaporeon, flareon and jolteon stay?

Jack Chow says:

If they release the shiny versions of these raid bosses above, I wouldn’t complain.

va home va requena says:

shit antic

Rok Kovačič says:

Ditto raid boss would be too easy. You would throw magikarp at first and then wait for it to change to magikarp and then just some electric/grass attacker and would do it easy. But Eevee could be lvl 1 raid boss! That would be great! I know that a lot of people would go to an Eevee raid if there would be one.

Crazy horSE Papa Frankuu says:

Dude I likes you more than trainer tips and mystic

Mattia Berti says:

I like this ones.

Except Metapod…

worldsboss says:

I liked the video because of his search tabs

cherrypie37 says:

I like these also. I think this helps rural players the most. Especially those that are in place that have limited bio domes. The tier 4 are those that have 3 levels. So those that have some strong Pokémon and can solo can get Pokémon that may not spawn in their area. The tier 1 is perfect. I don’t have the the last evolutions of the starter Pokémon for gen1.

FLW Videos says:

Very strange hearing that CATERPIE is rare lol

WebMike8 says:

I’m very happy to see Charmeleon and Ivysaur. I’ve never gotten either with IV’s above 93% so I’m excited to do a few. Also Gen1 starters out of eggs I’m happy to do these lower tier.

Liam King says:

Sandshrew and Sandslash are very common in my area if I go to the beach I get more Sandshrew they drown out the water pokemon. Also Sandslash’s defence makes it last longer than than Exeggutor raids

Nerdtella says:

Wow, Robrob got featured. I raid with him sometimes here. So far he’s reached level 40 three times. Been following him in my Facebook group for awhile.

MatrVincent- Didn't Monetize His Videos says:

Raid Boss List:
T1: Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Eevee
T2: Magneton, Sandslash, _Persian, Rapidash, Arbok,_ Sableye
T3: Machamp, Gengar, Alakazam, Scyther, Omastar, _Kabutops, Wobbuffet_
T4: Snorlax, Lapras, Tyranitar, Golem, _Clefable, Ursaring, Houndoom_

Dylan Olson says:

I wish they would have kept Magikarp. I was excited to find one, because I’m level 39 and don’t have a shiny yet.

Dany Bron says:

go eevee would be cool yes would love eevee raid bos yes do that

Yvonne says:

I have tried to solo cloyster twice today but coundn’t get him down (i am level 36) and it had hydro pump

Kaleb Wilson says:

What pokecoin website do you use

goran jovanovic says:

good advise. hello from Serbia.

Evan Hanson says:

I’m just glad that a Pokemon that is incredibly rare like Porygon is now a raid boss.

Mike M says:

Thanks Rev!

Pixel Raptor says:

YES! YES! I still don’t have a lapras (for some fucking reason niantic hates me.) I hope lapras stays until Christmas when I go to America. So I can actually fucking attempt a lapras raid

David Sotelo says:

I read it.

Hannah Hägg says:

Cloyster should be level 3 and porygon should be level 2

KeithPerry says:

i like victrebell, i still dont have that thing. just walked weepinbell 50 km over the holloween update for nothing lol

manaphylv100 says:

Metapod is there for brand-new players to solo.
IMO Magikarp should have stayed, and the rest of T1 bosses should be replaced with things like Kakuna, Sunkern, and Wobbuffet, which a L10 player can easily solo.

thenight timeclasher says:

Come give me a view and let me know what you think

Legend 909 says:

I liked the video

Brian Odom says:

I would love an Unown raid. Where I am, the next rarest after Unown are the Hitmons. A Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop raid would be really cool too. A Chansey raid might be impossible to defeat due to its high stamina. You might need a minimum of 11 or 12 for it, and that would also be a cool addition.

Wojtek Wojtowicz says:

Według mnie , tymi raidami popsuli pokemon go , kiedyś mieć np tyrka to był cud i miałeś szacunek na dzielni , A teraz każdy debil może go mieć.

Pogo NM says:

Hi we just created an new pokemon go channel check us out❤️

fireB44 says:

I’m only level 36 and was able to solo a Cloyster. I have 3 Machamp that are 2600+ and beat it with around 15-20 seconds left.

Samuel Mesite says:

I loved Magikarp raids. So bummed they r gone.

Michael Mcneill says:

region exclusive raid bosses would be nice, that way wen people are visiting other countries for short times they would have a better chance to catch them.

Leon Liao says:

Please make a video and tell us what Pokemons to save so we can evolve them in generation 4 generation 5 generation 6 and on and on and on.

WastingTime says:


SH BlapzzZ says:

Hi Reversal,
So here is my standpoint and view on this change of raid bosses.
So first of all I think the change was made to prepare the player and the game for whenever genaration 3 comes out.
The reason all of the Raid bosses come from generation 1 (expect Sableye) is because they want as many players to finish their generation 1 pokedex before all of the generation 1 pokemon will be pushed out of the different egg groups and out of the gyms as raid bosses. Sableye is because their is a possibility that you might get it in its shiny form.

If this is niantics reason behind these new raid bosses, then lets take a look at which generation 1 pokemon they had to choose from.
If you list all the old ones:
– Venusaur
– Charizard
– Blastoise
– Arcanine
– Alakazam
– Machamp
– Muk
– Gengar
– Executor
– Weezing
– Rhydon
– Electrobuzz
– Magmar
– Flareon
– Jolteon
– Vaporeon
– Lapras
– Snorlax

If you then list the new ones:
– Sandslash
– Nidoking
– Nidoqueen
– Ninetales
– Victreebell
– Poliwrath
– Tentacruel
– Golem
– Cloyster
– Marowak
– Magneton
– Scyther
– Porygon
– Omastar
– Ivysaur
– Charmeleon
– Wartortle
– Metapod

Then if you take a look at what is left of fully evovled pokemon, there aint much else to choose from:
– Butterfree
– Beedrill
– Pigeot
– Raticate
– Fearow
– Arbok
– Raichu
– Clefairy
– Wiggilituff
– Golbat
– Vileplume
– Parasect
– Venomoth
– Dugtrio
– Persian
– Golduck
– Primape
– Rapidash
– Slowbro
– Doudrio
– Dewgong
– Onix
– Hypno
– Kingler
– Electrode
– Hitmonlee
– Hitmonchan
– Lickytung
– Chansey
– Tangela
– Seadra
– Seaking
– Starmie
– Jynx
– Pinsir
– Gyarados
– Ditto
– Kabutops
– Aerodactyl
– Dragonite

Out of all these there is some who would be exciting to get into the raids like Dragonite, Chansey, Pinsir, Aerodactyl and Tangela.
So if they wanted to focus on generation 1, then they have made a lot of the best choices when it comes to the more relevant ones. I think they will hold on to dragonite and other pseodo legendaries, because it makes these strong meta pokemons too easy to optain. So all in all that their choices for tier 3 and 4 are the best choices.

I hope you see this 😉 It took some time to write 🙂

aj200353 says:

Hope your Grandmom feels better reversal

Alecia Hines says:

I love you which you

Hannah Hägg says:

I got a shiny shuppet today and evolved it into a shiny bannete

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