► Pokemon GO – MOLTRES Raid! –
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)


YSN Water says:

To be honest for me this ain’t that hard for me I’m 3for3

Rebeccar1491 says:

lachlan caught a shiny pikachu in Tokyo

Gavin Da one says:

If you run from a raid Pokémon you can tap on the gym again and the zapdos will pop up to catch again

jamie clarkson says:

You will get one Ali my first one ran away but I caught the second one .

olly nicholas says:

I have all ledgandrys plus mew and mew two

Jonas Telg says:

Didnt play for like 7 months and yesterday I did go out and found a Voltres we were like 10 ppl it was only me and another that got it 🙂

- PDXpokepatrol says:

I caught 5

Ollie Vinh says:

I have a zapdos

Arafath Azad says:

Team instinct may be the lowest team but they have the highest and strongest legendary bird out of the other two birds

Matthew Assenti says:

7 zappys

RJRP says:

You don’t even play anymore…

Raz Levi says:


Samsam kurdie says:

I don’t have one but want one

Robbie Couwyzer says:

Whats the song on his 2nd last throw?

BadBoiFilms says:

5/6 on zapdos

Anthony Mazzenga says:

no zapdos here

Instinct Espeon says:

I have 5

Julia Hulse says:

This is what keeps gapping to meh I win then I never catch it

Gaming with the Creepers says:

They put out shiny zapdos by acdident so if you caught a zapdos its shiny

Jai Beepath says:

I caught a shiny pikachu so they are out

Hunter B says:

I had to make a new account I’m level 22 and I got a zapdos lugia and moltres

Tanmay Bhargava says:

I have 8 zapdos

thegaminglegend246 po says:

why do u spin throw u always miss and its harder

Link says:

The thumbnail looks like he’s crying out of the sides of his nose.

gareth 360 says:

I subscribed

Master Xbernt says:

I was cheating so mush legendarys bird and lugia zapdos molt res articouno

shravan Jeenath says:

I get the zapdos

Team Griffin says:

In a span of ten minutes I found a wild feraligatr and hatched three ten ks and got a larvitar a mareep and mantine

Louise Shepherd says:

im not a hater alia im giving you advice…

no youtuber plays pokemon go anymore
people on youtube are making fun of you alia
and i don’t want that because you are my favourite youtuber

again not a hater

Liam Willmott says:

Caught a 93IV Zapados

Jake Harris says:

Your throws are appalling

Harvey 2003 says:

Does he live in Bracknell??

Movie Monster says:

The zapdos is shiny

Pedro Campillo says:

I want to play pokemon GO agien

Last To First says:

Use a nappa berry omg. Why do u keep using golden

Gavin Da one says:

My sister caught a zapdos and it ran away from me

Kovin Games says:

i have zaptos in 2000

Ron Taylor says:

i have 49

christopher kim says:

I hate the new raids because you need to be strong at least lvl 30

Leanne Ward says:

My one was 2955 cp

Waffvle says:

I just got a new iPhone so I’m only on level 10 but I have snorlax and khangaskan that I found on holiday to Australia and Asia

Thomas Tang says:

Failed six times but try the seven time I’m got first zapdos CP 1846

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