NEW! Lavender Town Gameplay and Nintendo Direct! Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee!

New Lavender Town is Revealed in Pokemon Let’s Go!
Nintendo Direct is COMING in just 2 Days!
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A new Nintendo Direct is coming on November 1st which will focus around the Smash Brothers franchise! In addition there will be a Nintendo Treehouse Live right after the Direct which will showcase new Footage of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee! New footage has also been revealed showcasing Lavender Town in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee!


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WorcestershireySauce says:

Wow! It still doesn’t look to be nearly as good as any other spinoff Pokemon games! Still isn’t doing anything to make me want to drop more than $60 for it, sorry.

mewhunter says:

Please play smash ultimate on stream

Jalyn Fynnyr says:

Got a freaking Pokemon let’s go ad. coincidence

johnwally14 says:

You gonna be streaming any Smash Bros Dan?

CoolDoominator says:

I love the music listen to it it’s so beautiful but creepy

Shiny Arceus says:

Awesome video!

Yonah busschers says:

Your the best

#TheCloneWarsLive 24 says:

Need friends in Pokémon go for Celebi. Code is 2588 2161 1078

Beau Butler says:


Johnny C says:

Schedule bitch

Chris Lay says:

Thanks for keeping us informed man.

John Woods says:

I think that last part was about the hand on the player’s shoulder.

Jayden Breward says:


Jessica Pedley says:

So Hyped for the Pokémon News 🙂

Jordan says:

What’s that behind pikachu in the trailer at 0:25?
Ghost Pokemon before you get the item to see them?

PkmnMasterHolly says:

Cool!!! I definitely gotta catch the next Nintendo Direct! Nice video Dan! I missed that clip for Serebii!! Lavender Town looks AMAZING in let’s go!! HYPE!

aDrive says:

New Lavender Town Gameplay!!

Are you pumped for Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee or not? Let me know why!

ZebraKurt Gaming says:

I am early and thats kinda cool

SpeedMaster642 says:

I bet she was saying “What’s that hand on your shoulder?”

Tsopi says:

Am I the only one getting goosebumps with the music??

Ben Eidelkind says:

It’ll be really weird to have a new Smash direct but no Etika to react to it.

Jonn Elsey says:

It reads something like this (I think): ”I can see a hand on your right shoulder… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be looking.”

Goran Yugi Dubravic says:

I am and I love the game graphics

benjamin solberg says:

Will there be no battle spot? Only way to battle online is to battle people on my friend list?

Surfing Taillow says:

Was that ending the ghost girl who sees the hand on your shoulder?

Marcel02 says:

Add me in Pokémon Go for the Celebi Quest! 6474 2545 1469

MysticRaddy says:

this is so awesome! i love the music <3

xLence says:

That grave part tho

Sy A says:

Only thing that will be interesting in the direct is if they tease Pokemon 2019.

Blue Clicks says:

Pls add me I have no friends my traner code is 2139 8363 5799

MatsuyoRific says:

17 days until Let’s Go!

Siddy Fisher says:

Me up until this point: Not really the Pokemon game for me, I’m happy waiting till next year
Me now: Urrgh, I really need to consider buying this game because it looks kinda fun
Me probably in the future: … bought it


Oh dam!

Little_ NightFury17 says:

A day before my birthday!

XxShiny JirachixX says:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is my favorite Direct

Ceatrix 2 says:

YOO dan doing smash content? Nice

Shanice Lopez says:

yes lavender town its look good and I can wait to catch gastly  there^^

Nawmi Zi says:

Lavender town looks amazing. <3

Leroy Winters says:

Dude shut the fuck up

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