NEW Car REVEAL..!!! | ALL Gen 2 *NEW* POKEMON EVOLUTIONS!!! | Pokemon GO Gameplay Part 57

NEW Car Reveal..!!! | ALL Gen 2 *NEW* POKEMON EVOLUTIONS!!! | Pokemon GO Gameplay Part 57
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Maddox Helme says:

Does this guy still not screen record?

BlazerKnight 8642 says:

When are going to play legend of Zelda breath of the wild

Caixia Sun says:

i loved how it could drive itself



Ma. Christina Pascual says:

why do you still play pokemon go why?

FireShard Playz says:

mastar ov did you play deip io i was that person that followed you

Oliver LAI says:

I also have a Model X Tesla

Jinel Kehler says:

why do you not show your face that often

Rohan Gaming Vlogs says:

Guys anyone who reads this Please sub to my channelRohan Gaming VlogsI will sub to you:)

Ydwen Matthew says:

Master Ov your car is awesome how much is it ?

Cookie Lover says:

Woah your car looks like it dances. That’s everything lmao


Pokemon go sucks and it’s boring go back to clash royale

EDVG- Everyday Vlog and Gaming says:

is it a tesla

vidarvild 12 says:

My golf is better

Chad Eats Pasta says:

Whoa, Technology!

Jacob Lewis says:

Omg I love that car

Clay Prejean says:


Deathmatch Aka says:

Er sar ing

ManuPlaying says:

Do you go to another city to play Pokemon or do you always stay in Calne.
And you got a flower pokemon at a flower store thats nice.

Aless Delgado says:

That car is sick

Adastation says:

what is the secret pokemon???

Dustin Allison says:

MasterOv new car looks sick bro!

Pickles says:

How much did that thing cost

Cherry Chung says:

Master OV can u please pin my comment

Aryan Tiwari says:


mr overkill says:


Ryan Knotts says:

that is an awesome car

Oliver Tynys says:

OMG A NEW CAR!!?!?!?!?!

Deathmatch Aka says:

Me like the auto driving

Clay Prejean says:

omg awsome car how much did it cosy

zaneross111 says:

New high thech there im a kid i csn sit jn tje car and clntrool it

DragonSlayer Oakes says:

Did anyone else cringe when he said ferilger instead of feraligator


My dad ordered that same car and a Mercedes and now we’re goin for a bmw and later a Lexus

Butter Corn says:

there is a app called All G(IV Check for Pokemon) you just log in and you can see any Pokemon you catch IV’s instantly

Aditya Gupta says:

car is savage

Benji Kostenko says:

awsome car

EDVG- Everyday Vlog and Gaming says:

is it a tesla

Michael Alvarado says:

masterov I want to be a business man can anyone give me some tips

Big Fan says:

Love the awesome new car

Israel pixel gun 3D says:

(ersafing is how you prenouts it

たまたーま says:

I want you to insert a Japanese subtitle.

Byron Sarceno says:

dam master I love your car I hope hollie is ok

Andrew Sapka says:

and jap names to i legit die everytime i hear him try to say sakura x.x

Andrew Sapka says:

is it just me or does anyone else just watch pokemon go videos to hear youtubers butcher the names of pokemon XD

zhen li says:

i like the car

Wombat 3000 says:

Sub to me I’m new

Lavez_Gaming Lavez_Gaming says:

you look like zerrka (josh) from the sdmn

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