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Victors Cedars says:

Eveee is so cute

Mark Tugwell says:

you literally are annoying

Super Dooper says:

Don’t get excited from a 10k it’s a Gilber

axilleas sakkas says:

play pokemon go forever please its my favorete game

AnhygoelBleddyn 2016 says:

I still play Pokemon

Sharon Willow says:

im happy i have something that ali does not i have a togetic i found it on the wild its only like 60 cp though but its still in my pokedex and not youes ali

Chris Jull says:

i get a milktauk farm a10km egg

ninjadelivery ebay says:

for get this account or better one
1)go ebay home page
2)find the Search click on Advanced
3)click By seller
4)copy this user ninjadelivery paste in user id
5)click search enjoy 🙂

Harvey Thompson says:

stop posting pokemon go it’s dead now

Pokè Target GO says:

I only need 1 more king’s rock

kbdenni1974 says:

alia i evoled a shining magikarp

Ender TNT says:

when it’s hot outside there’s more water Pokemon out

Anthony Queen says:

niantic is just trying to get people to still play pokemon go because there not releasing the legionaries

judith storey says:

I as so happy because were I am located there is not a lot of good pokemon but I got Chikorita and bulbasaur

Uriah Mans says:

u should’ve done the Onix evolution because it has a better cp multiplier.

stuart Riley says:


Karzak says:

Wait people still play this game?

GTA BOSS says:

I caught an onix

em44n 2004 says:

Y u still playin Pokemon go no one plays that gsme

Casey Lane says:

I had a really strong 2037 iv scyther that i didn’t want to evolve, but then i saw what the cp would be for the other scythers, and i’m like “F**k that!”

brooke monger says:

people still play this??

Michelle Perez says:

125 favirt pokemon is charzred


I havent still caught a lapras

Mike Yeo says:

I saw togitic

AlexanderHaydon Gauld says:

I got a water type kingler

antonio moumtzellis says:

Ali I haven’t seen you for 1 year and you play more Pokémon

Ryan Lewis says:

has anyone caught a miltank yet?

Charan Singh says:

U suck at PGO

Space CHIMP1985 xbox says:

u are gonna love the rock adventure week. went out last night and got 5 new Pokemon and u have the chance to get lavitars xD

Aruran Senthil says:

quit Pokemon go it so dead

igotdiamonds says:

I have a ditto

Pokémon Go says:

I’m like mann i cant have any subs on my channel 🙁

Super Potato says:

still playing man ?

Sandro Arecco says:

Please post more Pokémon go 😀

FullmetalGanon says:

oooo nice hoodie

Edward Barbieri says:

No body plays pokemon go anymore

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