My First Solo Level 3 Raid Attempt (Rural Pokemon Go Gameplay)

In today’s video I attempt the unthinkable.. Yeah, I solo a Level 3 Raid Boss. I’ve never bothered nor attempted to do this. So let’s see how we go, wish me luck!







ducktapefashions says:

It does help to dodge some charge moves when doing t3 solos . Also, you want to avoid relobbying while doing a solo because the raid bosses health will rubber band back. I love soloing t3 raid bosses because it’s a challenge especially because I hoard my dust so my counters are rarley powered up past level 30. I think you got the machamp solo without the WB, just have a lugia with sky attack as your anchor

Luuk Muller says:

Yay first

Kizzle says:

Hey bro just you need to dodge

Arturo Medina González says:

Yeah nice, Raichu with groudon can be solo too

Tom Hawley says:

I’m level 35 and can solo level 3s pretty easily, however the only one I’ve not tried is machamp

Birdstar says:

Aaa your beard in the first shot looked so cute! <3 I just wanna hug you sometimes, you're a very beautiful man <3 <3 <3

Especially loved the cow scenes lmao

Martin Nilsson says:

soloing machamp without weather boost is also pretty easy, no doubt you can make that happen

Nicholas Livesay says:

Congrats on the Machamp raid!!! Oh and by the way can u pls open my gift!! 🙂 Thnxs for being such an amazing guy Matt!!! Great video!!!! :)))

Vittorio vicenzi says:

I soloed a porygon and a alola raichu… I’m level 27 so it’s not hard

Gabman24 says:

Been waiting for you to solo tier 3s! Heck yes

Maaz 29197 says:

9920 0609 3963

KingsPoint Rollercoasters says:

Ive done a machamp it was weather boosted with 68 seconds left. I didnt have the weather boost. My best time on a raichu is 24 seconds. Worst time on a raichu i had 1 second left.

Mr.X says:

Level 3 Raids are easy (I‘m Level 38 )

NaturalGamerJK says:

I got a machamp in the red with level 22 pokemon lol

hotrod271ftw says:

I’ve solod flareon with weather boost a few raichu a few porygon and a couple of Machamp. And I’ve done a few of the past bosses like vaporeon

instinct rules says:

record 15 seconds
I was 35 at the time

Tony Gunk says:

Those cows were just waiting for you to moooooooove along….

angie says:

Yay, good job! I tried my first T3 solo today too, took down alolan Raichu and I’m only level 36 so it’ll be a piece of cake for you 🙂

Maaz 29197 says:


Icarusvonlubey says:

Gratz on your first t3. The key is preplanning and getting your mons set up correctly. I do draft leagues where we draft 10 mons and use them against tier 3 bosses it’s a great challenge. I’ve done the Flareon old style with Golems non weather boosted

Patrick De Rooij says:

The 3 star raids are no problem if you got the right Pokémon with the right moves. For Alolan Raichu you need Pokemon with dragon tail and outrage. Like Rayquaza, Groudon (mud shot-earthquake),Tyranitar (bite-crunch), Pinser (bug bite-Xscissor)and also Mewtwo (confusion-shadow ball).Good luck! Great video mate and have a good com day!

Jett Dawe says:

Where in Australia do you live at? I’m in WA

18Kacar says:

Level 3 Raids are all soloable
For Flareon i needed weatherboost though
Against alola Raichu use what you use against mewtu. Raichu is way easier

W3S7 says:

Talk about privileged that’s the only way I get to do t3s is solos

Nicholas Livesay says:


Ashley Gardner says:

Congrats that is awesome!! It is awesome to see how well things are starting to go for you. I hope it continues to get better.

Brad Babelbibou says:

Next Challenge, Alolan Raichu!

Kml Kr says:

0 dislikes. You have a great audience ☺️

C Force says:

Good job with the solo! Even without the weather boost you would have beat it. Machamp with Heavy Slam is the easiest to beat.

I’m not sure what you use for raid guides, but Go Ranger is a new app that is very useful in assisting with the selection of the best raid counters.

Cqrdist says:

I could solo machamp on level 34.. it is not hard.

Frances Ottewill says:

Raichu has less cp then a Machamp too.

william0404 says:

3 sek left on a machamp solo

3turnd upgang says:

a you got your Channel back dope..the grind continuous

Jason Vizcarra says:

At level 32 I came close to beating him and raichu but no dice

Bug says:

Moo Mootwo nailed it. U would get it without weatherboost as well, Raichu is a bit harder (if u can find it)

Pebbles 2448 says:

A man after my own heart. Hoodie, shorts and flip flops. Lol #gottacatchemall Congrats. Look forward to seeing you live on CD.

Collin Fischman says:

Lot of miltanks

ProPlanty says:

See you all in just over 12 hours for a Shiny Eevee Community Day Livestream!

Turnaround says:

eevee community day livestream

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