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NilesMoon Falcon says:

I’ve wanted a Pokèmon Yellow remake for such a long time like years and years, I was five or six when I played Pokèmon Red, Gold, Yellow, and Leaf green I’m twenty one now so in any case the only thing I don’t like about it would be the go catching, but it doesn’t matter much because regardless you can still grind and level up your Pokèmon by catching, so it would just be a bit hard to grind due to the limit of balls unless you’re given tons of them, not sure. Regardless I really want to play Pokèmon Pikachu can’t wait until it comes out.

Jessica Pedley says:

These games are so dope so far 🙂

TheSuperEan300 says:

So you dyed your hair blond?

KingDm1tr1 Marshall says:

It’s gen 1 so I hate it

Finn F says:

Very bottom right of map is mewtow :3

ViTKo B says:

Honestly Luke I don’t know how I feel about these new Pokémon games. I think they look visually amazing but of course having generation one as my first Pokémon experience ever I am semi-biased to it. I think I’m going to watch you play through a little bit before I pick up my own copy. However I do trust your judgment and if you say it’s going to be a good game then I believe it.

Aaron Parker says:

Aside from Misty and finally seeing what it will look like to face Brock, we didn’t get any new information. However just seeing some more gameplay is great in itself.

Zach Johnson AKA DunDun says:

Will this get taken down today lol but misty is looking good

Brayden Childers says:

Dude, Safari Zone is gone in this game, remember?! Go Park replaces it!

dowey says:

wow misty looks so anime accurate

ghostly says:

This is the most fan service I’ve ever seen from Pokemon. Not only it takes that you can ride even arcanine, and others from the MMO RPG POKEMON Games and it looks improved! I see it’s changing each time it’s devolved more!

Whispernyan says:

Can’t wait to do a Nuzlocke of this game.

*When it finally becomes time to have to do some grinding*
… I didn’t think this through

Note: I’m not mad at the game, I just hope they add ways the Grind that don’t involve wild pokemon “battles” mabey something like how HeartGold and SoulSilver had the Phone where some trainers and gym leaders could be rematched.

William Graham says:

Did the desginer have a stroke whils drawing your rivals hair

MnNemz says:

RIP GameboyLuke’s channel

KitetheTidecaller says:

Too bad the pokemon GO game mechanics SUCK major dick.. the only thing i like are the graphics itself but that’s just my opinion.

Jason Davis says:

You and Patterrz should do a versus royale with TheKingNappy

Doctor Del says:

It looks like a really nice nostalgia trip. I’ll be picking up a copy for sure. We all know Gen 8 is coming and this is a great way to get hyped for it.

ricar_klim 01 says:

I remember the copy of Pokemon Stadium that I had when I was a kid had a huge map from Kanto that I had in my room. Looking at that map on that trailer was sooo cool and makes me feel like a 7 years old kid again.

Tenis Ball says:

Anyone know if Luke and Nappy are still friends? I haven’t seen them do anything or talk in so long

Jonathan Pascua says:


Luis Bonilla says:

If this is a Kanto remake. Im buying this game.

Barney Quinn says:

This game looks like a huge dissapointment

Ace Operative says:


54B3R says:

Are you going to be reacting to the English video? It is different enough to react to.

Peyton McKee says:

If I get to ride rapidash I’m going to lose my crap

Team Potato Admin/Scientist Nery says:

Yay you can tell eevee’s gender

ChairsNTables says:

Basing on the map, how can ss anne move out of the region? Lol

Niji Mujino says:

I am still not sure if I’ll buy it, but it does look good, also I like the coop part

Safron says:

What if Missingno was in this game?

Also, I can’t wait for that Lavender town remix.

Ash Stolley says:

Yo where is the ss Anne going, it is completely blocked off…

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