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Shelbyc Games says:

when scs going to be uploaded

Master Venom says:

Its probably gonna come out with gen 2 update

Kj Camps says:

i know where he lives i live there

Brandon Vo says:

guys MY friend already has mew why does people keep saying it’s not in the gane??

Janice Solomon says:

check oversee novel stomach consume.

ninjaboyyd -__- says:


Viljami Joki says:

starts at 0:00 thank me later

Isaac Chacon says:

honest tmartn please take a knife and stab yourself. Thank you!

Melee Colossal says:

Left at 0:25

shinyeon23 says:

It would be better if you can miss throwing a masterball. Would bring more thrill to it.

Kaleb Kovitch says:

Think how hard these are going to be to get from pokestops.

Mouhameth _S says:


FTI says:


Darkmaster52 says:

was it just me or is the mic quiet

#triggered says:


Grant Liebowitz says:

So you don’t like me your mean

Waffle NMuffins says:

This video was…. A mew-sing. HAHAHAHAHAH

Bradford Chandler says:

1:15 strobots gaming

Sam Delgado says:

Nice misleading title

CODslayer55 says:


McCarroll Craft says:


HAZE_1115 says:

First 30 seconds is all you need to hear. Good day.

Mark's Gym says:

More people playing Pokémon GO the more Pokémon

Killer Gaming says:

Do more gameplay vids when you go out and play

Kush Patel says:

Imagine missing with a master ball, like it curves away…….. Ya I think I’ll stick with Nintendo Ds Pokemon like black 2 and whatnot

The Miguelodon says:

What if you throw the Master Ball as the Pokémon is doing its little animation where the circle disappears

Grant Liebowitz says:


Danyal A. says:

He says he cant stand gps spoofers, but I give you 100% guarantee he uses a bot or gps hacks, how do you think he got 800 magikarps?

Not Me says:

like your site

Anth B says:


TheAnimeGamerWolf says:

I think once you reach level 30 you start getting Master Balls although I’m not sure I just read it on Chrome

Jake Elya says:

Do u think you will unlock master balls at level 30 or 40

Lakes Skies says:

Probably have to buy it

DaDestroyer12 says:

you are an idiot if you think the master ball will be in pokemon go

Camtheham95 says:

I just bought160 Pokemon ex’s for 28 dollars at

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