I tried to play Pokémon GO in China… Here’s what happened.

Pokémon GO is blocked in China, but I tried to play. Some features of the game actually work, but is there a way to catch Pokémon?

MAP: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1KjoIIZLc42Vhtq750dcJbhPLePlTTmwB&ll=25.53797822654135%2C121.15396081479696&z=4

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Mr RoyalGard says:

No that bitch is there. won`t see the rest.

nguyenkh2002 says:

You can play in Hong Kong. I did in February.

Kakashi- EM says:

Nick y dont u ask Holly out lol

Tc Soto says:

I just realized that Holly is basically Ramona Flowers of PoGo YouTube and Nick is Scott Pilgrim

kk k says:

Add friend 5888 7394 3217 please. Thank

nguyenkh2002 says:

i was stranded in China because the runway was on fire. 4 hr delay.

Andrew Warriner says:

Congratulations China on being a first world regressive country 🙂

Andrea Puglia says:

holly hiding beer is magic ahhahahahahahgahagagagwg

escamillita91 says:

Molly drinks coronas!!! Aye! 🙂

VeeJay ASMR says:

How to play Pokémon Go in China: you don’t.

adrian andres medina says:

0849 5730 7031 gift x gift

Rockslide86 says:

50 k don’t always give a 10 k egg. i have hit it 7 times and only got an egg 4 times. also, it may have just been hype, but i read that those eggs will give a riolu or shinx, and I haven’t gotten either from those eggs. I have gotten a sableye, two beldum and a raltz.

486 SX says:

This content is rated Matured due to use of alcohol.

Tiffany P says:

I love that Holly moved her beer off screen

James Governale says:

active player from central valley, ca 6361 3789 0996

KasheMoneyRemix says:

The chinese airports always changes gates..

PranGon : says:

Come to Nepal!
It’s fun playing pokemon go here!

Sani R. says:

99% of the comments: the corona
1% of the comments: the corona

carla lam says:

I played it in Hong Kong. I didn’t get a chance to actually play on mainland China. I did manage to get my farfetch!!

July Ikuto says:

holly has sweet smile 😀

snowgnome650 says:

HA HA HA 9:33

Carolyn Lyttle says:

I’m surprised you did not get into trouble for filming there. China is a beautiful country, and I have enjoyed traveling there. But people need to remember that it is still a Communist country and a totalitarian state.

mortuus says:

china sucks lol

Dylan Mork says:

It’s called a VPN..?

AZN420BMX says:

I thought it was cute that holly hid her beer. Stuck in a airport? Yeah I’d drink too.

Dr1nky Pro says:

Pokemon Go just make a new deal with Corona! new Qest are out 1. Make a 3 excellent throw with a bottle 2.Battle a Keg 3.Catch a shiny police badge

Siddharth Varadan says:

I flew via Hong Kong and Pokemon Go works there.

Eugene says:

hey Nick, don’t know you’ll see it or not, but you should try to catch them with pokeball, cause it was not giving you error…but as soon as you try great or ultra ball error appears

Travis Ladd says:

i feel trolled like you were alluding to getting flight blocked for playing Pokemon go in the airport. not cool

Manoel Genev says:


JB Cheezy says:

Why did your lady hide her beer haha so what lets get drunk

Egg says:

Why those Corona comments XD?

Cristian Segovia says:

At least you can drink Corona in China hahahaha…

boo453 says:

What about a 7k from a gift?

Sandra Bortky says:

What if you try to catch pokemon with an incense?

K Finn says:

I love your travel vlogs. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air to hear that intro jingle, and see the beautiful scenery

Waterscy says:

But what if you Start a new Account remember all 3 starter show instand up on the map. So what happen if you so that in china

Michael Pecoraro says:

Add me 1169-4813-7875

Controller87 says:

Did you try using a VPN?

• salvucci91 says:

*Communism is lit*

O J Marin says:

I wish to meet with you one day, Nick.

Donnie Darko says:

IS nick single? I love him and Holly together.

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