I Played Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee EARLY!!

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I was invited to play Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee EARLY. This is everything you need to know before it comes out!

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You are Amazing No Matter What says:

Do pokemon cards again.

ShadowCookie Girl says:


WaffleGaming - Overwatch says:


Kiky Sulistiowati Hadi says:

16:02 That is not fair!

Pika :3 says:

18:13 Yeah, a german Youtuber called “Lennyficate”

KhangHood VN says:

can we play it on pc?

StrawPanda860 says:

halfway through 20mil

Raining Foxes says:

I’m scared to watch this because I’m getting the game… lol

Mephelies Dark hedgehog says:

Does the game have z crystals because I saw a mega stone for the battle bag

Marky revel says:


Nuttapon Sangjumpa says:


Usui Takumi says:

Yes, finally my Magicarp can follow me on land.

Jacob Freeman says:

Literally 20 minutes on the dot.

Li Jiayang says:

DanTDM thought there were only 2 people (including him) that have caught Chansey.but he’s wrong.WHAT ABOUT THE NURSE JOYS?

Kurt Plays says:

is it just me or saying its huge to a weedle is weird

Desmond Alohan says:

I have no Nintendo Switch. Too broke.

~sniffle :'(

Fernicus Maximus says:

So basically there’s no challenge in this game.

FEARnoHATE says:

You might’ve sold me on this. I just hope there is a lot of battles.

LiTfax says:

This is kind of unfair to everyone else

b.rice says:

when can we preorder on the eshop?

Celestiagaming bateman says:

Is it possible to play lets go evee as a boy?

Doge says:

wow i went onto this video and an ad came up and i got rick rolled

Hearth_ says:

Hey Dan, just a tip, you can at times use repel as a rare occurrence increase (Black and White 2 the pach of weeds in the sewers) just in case you want to know


Was this a demo or you went to a event to test the games out before release? Or they just gave you the full games

adventure studios says:

If eevee dosent evolve i should just get lets go pikachu and catch an eevee

The Dave Shd says:

do we have to press b to run? I hope not

Max Tube says:

Omg i am so exited to play this on the new pokemon edition switch

How To Apple says:

I got shook when you said the eevee you get at the beginning doesn’t evolve

Pikachu Boy says:

Can you battle other people with the game

ShadowCookie Girl says:

Litteraly got an ad about it just now

kubilay91 9 says:

They really didn’t think this through why do you need a friend when you have another hand

Saad Khatri says:

Apparently, there won’t be any abilities in this game, THAT MEANS SLAKING WILL BE THE STRONGEST POKÉMON!!

Rafael Spijkstra says:

wait…. THIS IS YOUR NEW OUTRO???? 19:57

Joshgamer64 says:

but dan vermillion is from pokemon red
oh wait, the whole game is a pokemon red reboot

GatorgamerRex248 says:

I love Pokemon

Desmond Alohan says:

2:35 Reminded me of a boner lmao

Aljohn Campos says:

Hey Dan, if you play Pokémon Go and you trade a gen 1 pokémon to Let’s Go, you can get a special never before seen Pokémon on Pokémon Go and it is known as Meltan

Kendrick Moreno says:

Soooo…. You can’t battle wild pokemon ?? ….

Gaming with EEZZ says:

If you can’t wild battle Pokemon they better add a butt load of Pokemon trainers

Dom Walton says:

I got a mister mime in Pokemon go a few days ago

Rockstar Freddy says:

Pin me Dan!!

SwagYaj says:

Are you able to explore with multiplayer online? Or just local?

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