I got an EX Raid Pass for Deoxys in Pokémon GO! (no it didn’t get cancelled lmao) And we get my BEST Mewtwo! Did you get an EX Raid Pass? What’s your best Mewtwo? Let me know! Enjoy!

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Mister T says:

5338 0341 2537

Please add me for daily presents!

J Dilly Gaming says:

Except on Friday. End of the week Gilly luck

John Dubose says:

I’ve got 2 100% 2275 mewtwo’s back to back yesterday. I caught both of them

Oden Guerrero says:

I got an ex raid pass

Shayne Zeman says:

3336 6533 6369

John Giles says:

9203 0135 5705 please add me as a friend

Bayron Gaete says:

1730 8368 8121 quien agrega soy de Chile

SU-HAM ONG says:

My Trainer Code is 0000 6514 1605
I’m from Taiwan, Asia
Please add me~

Hamza Ali says:

I got one too!! I only have 15 minutes to make it beacuse of school xd

Dapperr says:

Damn man, watching you puts me in a good mood. You’re so peppy its contagious. x)

Andrea Padure says:


Elias Chew says:

nick got one but it was a troll from reversal

玩家瘋狂動物園 says:

Would you please make a video of fighting Deoxys and catching Deoxys please?

ColbyCharizard says:

get a lucky mewtwo Like Me

Zhao Rui says:

The first mewtwo I got is 96 and I didn’t have any higher since then

Alonso Placido says:

My 3 highest IV for mewtos are 98, 96 and 91. Still hunting for that 100IV

Siren DT says:

Come to Syracuse, the downtown crew kills it for raids ! And a good ramen place is opening soon…. we also have double, triple,n quad 40s

Andres Medina jr says:

Where do I go to calculate the CP of my Pokémon

Bhaerava sculthorp says:


Sushma Sinha says:


Siskonpeti Klipit says:

I got 96% and 98% Mewtwo ❤️

铭峻 says:

8696 9107 2771

Taris Yoioda says:

Add me. 6260 6196 6863

Fievet Stéphane says:

Code ami : 6481 8665 6601 🙂

Ian Chan says:

I have Deoxys

Aniq Eshan says:

Me toooooooooo

SuperGoombaSmasherYT says:

I really want a Ex Pass

NoahIsBetter says:

Rip hairline

Dj Wright says:

Got my ex raid Monday as well!
Also got a 100% mewtwo first raid.
Good luck man!

Doge PT says:

Invite me pls

Hannah Hernandez says:

So stunning

Caleb J says:

Yoooo dude go beavers-even if they arent performing this season.

Justin Dyson says:

Nice JTG I got 2 ex invites for dexoys main and my baby account and I plan is to do one for all the YouTube’s that didn’t get one plus my girlfriend got one to which is going to be cool if she can catch all 3 since I have to work. But if I get one or both it’s being named after the YouTube’s if I can make it fit.

Hannah Hernandez says:

You’re such a great guy UGH

Hannah Hernandez says:

You make my heart uwu

Chris Cayot says:

9435 2802 3789 from Germany. Love your vids GTG

Craig Dann says:

On Saturday I Finally Hatched A TAUROS Out Of My 7KM EGG

Hannah Hernandez says:


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