HELP! I Am Addicted To Pokemon GO!

I am now addicted to Pokemon GO after playing it for the first time. Pokemon Let’s Go Candy looks to be one of the best Pokemon training methods EVER with Pokemon Go Park. I am loving playing Pokemon Go just for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee!

Pokemon GO – Pokemon Let’s Go – Pokemon Go Park

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Warrior2401 says:

Find a Raid group and get 25 Mewtwo. I think I got over 50 at this point lol

RocketTwurpSLR says:

Aww verlis is addicted to pokemon go… at least its still better then fortnite lmao

It is cool you are playing go, better late then never i suppose 😀

It is a great idea tho, hording up on pokemon, on pokemon go for them to be tranfered for lets go so you can get the ev candies all set for when lets go vones out awesomeness.
I know how much you like to stock up in your games, doing the grind so you all set for winter :3 (since thats when the game is out) is cool.

Its great to hear you enjoyed your cruise vacation, and been catching em all in San Francisco. Ooh bet it was amazing!
kinda reminds me of thise little beach holidays lol i go on with thier amusements.
Lol my folks are quite boring when it comes to holidays lol we probably stay in a caravan and we do is walk round shops lol never realy been out the uk, but like oneday id like to. Id like to go to america oneday, But it is nice to get out and about, you might as well play pokemon go whilst you’re out lol

Thats the thing with me, i never go out anywhere to play go lol im always stuck in, but i realy need to change that for me health, just stuck in a bad routine, and my self confidence is bad.

Its a nice big upgrade from a phone you been using all your life to a technological device/phone.
feel like i can live without a smartphone, theres just something about phones that distaches me tho lol never realy been mad about phones realy never realy had friends to phone, so never realy bothered lmao. I have a smartphone, but i dont bother with, probably cuz i have an ipod that do the same things lol just without the phone capabilities like data and stuff, im rubbish when it comes to phones, dont realy like talking on them lol. Plus like i said my confidence is quite bad, pprobably also why i dont talk on the discord when people are chatting lol id like to at one point though, cuz everyone is awesome thier :3
I feel i need to overcome that lol cuz i wanna do youtube and stuff and overcome by health stuff.

Lol kinda reminded me of gen 1, verlis running out of boxes and battery on his phone :3 lol imagine that it Would be hallarious i could imagine verlis buying a lot of batteries if it was the 90’s

Lol Kinda reminds me of my pc box in XY/moon, me running out of pc space lol and dont know witch pokemon to gg.
Hording up the ones just in case i need it lol :3

It was a nice story time, i kinda miss those lol i remember that stream where you talked about fishing for 2 hours straight lol good times lol

Idk y but i can just imagine you were on the cruise with a eevee on a shoulder, with pokemon advance adventure playing in the background lol xD (yh im crazy lol)

rustyshack says:

Verlis add me bro

9666 9489 5218

Top Gun Gaming says:

Why does this video have 605 likes and 313 dislikes? Why is this a bad thing… Why cant people enjoy things without these disgusting parasites of garbage people shitting on everything. Good for you verlisify. Fuck the negative people who stalk your channel.

grifinorange says:

Brah.. uninstall it.. it is not a good thing and the pokemon company makes sure that Go is addictive as possible…

Smileytako says:

Its not bad starting late with pokemon go with such events that are coming up and the more you encounter of one species the stronger the encounter of that species will get

Legendary Jay says:

Don’t play Pokémon go like that I got bored of it real fast

nonoc 1025 says:

I am too

pretndr says:

No! Stop it! Verlisify I quit that game three months ago and I will not, absolutely will not let you drag me back down that rabbit hole… Wait is that a Machop in my house? Oh, you’re good…

Smileytako says:

Im pretty sure the 7k eggs still have the regionals so you can get a bunch of toros pretty quick

Elite Nova x says:

Also Verlis, *if you add Pokémon to a gym it will get you those coins you need for storage.* (50 coins total is the daily limit, and you get 1 coin for every 10 minutes.) You can easily get 10 hours if it’s a quiet gym rather than in the city! *That way you can get 200 coins for a storage upgrade just in 4 days.*

Brady Isjwara says:

Try looking for videos to help you speed catch pokemon by utilizing a glitch that will allow you to skip the catch animation, those help A LOT

fajar muh says:

Need 3 new friends
Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 0808 4597 7886!

Zeno says:

1398 1067 9875 send gifts kek

Yuno Nomi says:

7741 7555 1774 add me as friends need to do a few mythical discoveries >.< (Comment below if you've added)

doctorgonzo1313 says:

Dude wait what? You’re local??? HTF did I not catch you’re in the WA?? Would love to meet up and go hunting with you sometime!

Low land says:

I think that the pokemon specific candies raise ivs instead of evs like if u agree

Chuck Mayer says:

Add me on Pokémon Go 5810 0860 6982

Justin Kos says:

Lol 3 poke stops, who’s knows about that saddle Brook park in nnj

Apik sansom says:

i need some friend on pokemon go add me 9133 6967 9036

jamie say says:

Early last month hit level 40 in Pokemon go

Jabberwocky Draco says:

I’m just hoping Hyper training stays, a shit IV starter is still your starter, I like to keep my starter, I make them work.

Pilot Metapod says:

U furry

Oskar GM says:

7314 7097 0833 I need gifts but ill send some to

Mauricio Calderón says:

If u dont want to pay u can hold gyms for 8 hours a day and get 50 coins

PopularDiamond Pie says:

Im adicted to sadly 😐

Zambie Draws says:

And I’ve constantly been switching between apps on my phone…

nirthpanter says:

1:48 Yo Verlis, those species candies I bet are to level up your Pokémon. It’s like a Rare Candy, but specifically for 1 species of Pokémon

Hey Wong says:

1138 7456 6194

nirthpanter says:

$4000 a month in rent, phew. That’s what my 3-month budget looks like – everything included. I remember an old video you made when you moved into that apartment. It was quite a connecting video, I was genuinely happy after watching it from seeing how much you admired the view

A.J. Williams says:

Somebody please add me I need friends!! 900575658746 this is my trainer code

Griggs Vinhiem says:

add me on GO I will send gifts 4200 6631 3917

Nightfury Lastshadow says:

How the hell do you afford that. I’m in Canada and trying to get a full time job(part time is all that’s available) and even that won’t save me. I’m going to need room mates. You must be a rich person or something. Casually says 4000$ M. The only full time jobs are landscape here. Rent is 990-1200.

Noah Camacho says:

Dog use pokegenie app and make sure you’re getting perfect IVs

Nox The Pro says:

This is why you’re the first person I looked for when i lost my old YouTube account.

Thi-Antra Chirasarn says:

Hey Verlis! You are not Ash Ketchum! You can’t get that much Tauros!
Its just a joke.

nickdebakey says:

5882 3384 5711 <— here is my friend code. please add me! I live near a college campus so i have lots of gifts to send!

rustyshack says:

San Francisco is full of human feces and used needles

Smileytako says:

The pokemon your encountering rn are rare but since theres a kanto event they are more common so you started playing at the right time

Brady Isjwara says:

Oh damn man, do you know about the Kanto Pokemon being more common until, well, today, I’m sure the time has passed already, and the regional pokemon (Tauros, Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d, etc) can be hatched from the 7 km eggs, just giving you a heads up because in the video, it didn’t seem like you knew

EnderMon says:

Yus! Pokémon go is awesome! Community days are the best part about it for me…. can’t wait for Beldum day!

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