Hello everyone, Welcome back and today I have some special 10 k eggs that are all from the new windy weather event. we also take down some new raid bosses in Pokemon GO and find some pretty interesting rare spawns in Philly

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PokéPlayz 7 says:

1st again…Good Day

Lonnie Hedrick says:

with all the mon that’s been a raid boss should stay a raid boss for normal raid bosses tho and they should rotate the legendarys every few months that’s what i would do to keep players going on the raids

Vladivostok says:

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! OOOh yeah!!!! DX1

Jeffrey_Plays says:

I’m trying to get salamence,flygon,and gardevoir!!!

Jack Samson says:

Greatvid as always – audio on the hatchings though 😛

nukemz says:

Awesome video dude! Can tell you’ve caught the AR bug from Holly!!

Gaming X100 says:

22:05 how’d you know?

Turnaround says:

12:05 who was looking at you? I move my eyes like that when a random person stares at me.

Pedro Sil says:

they boosted the spawns. Doesn’t mean you’re exclusively gonna hatch windy ‘mons. Good vid tho, have a nice day

Wiktorianorgren ! says:

I got my pokedex gardevoir today and hatched a feebas

Rodrigo Moretto da Silva says:

I love arcanine, but I wish it had better fire movesets. Fire moves need an upgrade overall actually. Overheat is the only good choice. Wish we had a situation similar to electric with wild charge, thunderbolt, discharge, zap cannon… a lot more moves to use. The only double charge move with fire type is flamethrower iirc.

Sparkie Joy says:

You’re making me miss the snow at home!!

ultra luis says:

Whene ultra sun

Bug says:

(“)_(“) Got 6 Dratini from 7 10km eggs and 16 Swablu from 17 2km eggs, Windy boost is shit. Your right side video is a bit to fast for the left Phone display, you already call it before its visible 🙂

Justin Robertson says:

havent had windy weather in my town since the event started (Ontario, canada)

Ethan Stuart says:

Legendary Life

Hanzo Hasashi says:

I believe 100 percent exegutor is 2066 I think

Sam Peterson says:

I feel your pain 12 excellent throws in a row on a 2080cp rayquaza 2 days ago.

Aelita1234 says:

6:10 that is a WARE spawn :3

Bridget Edwards says:

Great vid! Nice hatches for the most part!!

Turnaround says:

Exams prevented me from benefitting from this event. I am glad I can watch your experiences to keep me pumped

coolmex20 says:

today I did 6 legendary raids and level up to 29 finally would of done more raids if had more passes.

Erika Kojima says:

Awesome video! 🙂 And welcome back to Philly! I still have to get a Bagon from 10k egg. 🙁

Turnaround says:

9:56 “it’s got to be ancient power”
NO. This is OUTRAGEous

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