HATCHING 5 EGGS + MEETING THE ENEMY! – Pokemon Go Gameplay! [2]

Hello Everybody! Welcome to POKEMON GO! Today I am starting my Pokemon Go adventure! I show you guys my EPIC 802CP FLAREON! And also we take over one of my local gyms! Hope you guys enjoy this pokemon go gameplay video, leave some love if you do!

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OhitzrewindZz says:

Squid what do u use to record ur screen?

Dark Shadow Gaming says:

Love Charizard!

Sophie lealu Wilkinson says:

who’s in team mystic

fat daddy & the wet blanket says:

only Gen 2 Pokemon war in the

David Garrido says:

Squid when I was playing I found a guy and I told him to get my phone to catch a drowze and he stole it

PokemonJoe says:

I have pikazard

dag ekelund says:


Stampys, Sb737s and Sqaisheys No.1 Fan says:

is tomahawk your brother squid if I spell the name wrong I’m sorry

Izzy_Stankeypork says:

squid what team are you TEAM VALOR!!!

Kate Collison says:


KG says:

Nice Jacksepticeye hat Tomahawk!

Grizzly_YT says:

you need to revive and put a potion on it

Haley Snow says:

my birthday is a Snorlax signed byJoeReaman

Jack Empire says:

Keep this comment an even amont of likes

InkedMommy MC says:

Jealous! We never find Drowzee’s or Electabuzz’s where we are!

Jane Bailey says:

pikachu with a charzard hat is so cute

The Wild Arcanine says:

I like arcanine,charizard and dragonite

Harley Klat says:

This game helps people grow up to be healthy

Allan Baldelovar says:


emily waring says:

i thought of a new challenge maybe u can try to get all the pre evolution pokemon for the eggs

Sam Mitchell says:

go valor

Megajj Forever says:

Hi squid, I’m your biggest fan. I made a Chanel just to comment on your videos. OMG

Jack Ward says:

you can make a pokemon your buddy

Frazer Crane says:


Yorkshire Pip says:

play yo kai watch

mahdieh sabbar says:

awesome job squid !!!your the best

Jaybox 08 says:


Lil Tino Diaz says:

can you run on a tridmill amped hatch eggs?

Timothy Alksaris says:

Your cat is sooooooo cute

Yeyaaah says:

I love how Squid walks down the steps. Lol!

Brendan Miller says:

What the heck kind of cellular network is 3???!?!?!?!?

Frazer Crane says:


nick iannelli says:

squid please can you record a video when you just started playing

Nicole Defeo says:

I caught 4 dodou

Freeze Nickolson says:

you have a dog that look,s like my dog Arrow

Flashwing is Amazing says:

I god dare you to through a pice of food at you brother,s face it will be lol !!!

Becky Doge says:


Yorkshire Pip says:

play yo kai watch

Kate Collison says:

great video

Sarah Kay says:

we keep geting pidgey

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