GEN 2 POKÉMON ARE HERE!! – New Pokemon GO Gameplay!

This is the most exciting Pokemon GO update, 80 brand new Pokemon from JOHTO all scattered and mixed with the first 140! This is gonna take a while to complete!

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Emmanuel Saldana-Villegas says:

I saw a larvatar but it did not let me catch it 🙁

Rebekah Davis says:

Hey put pokemon insurgense back on

Juan Rodriguez says:

Watch Trainer Tips’ last video for the Larvetar

joe says:

i have a fairly decent Sneasel now, going to be a beast when Weavile comes out

Narwhal Chicken says:

I found a Feraligatr near my house

John Ventura says:

“I haven’t played this game in days!” …. meanwhile: “3rd DAY CATCH STREAK!!!”

Phantom Blaze says:

what happened to the Pokemon sun and Moon gameplay? why did u stop making those vids?

J Gaming and Buddyfight says:

Hunt for Tyranitar?

Nihaanth says:

Where are your videos

g0l0ctic / says:

I thought you were dead

Eliza Wolf says:

Are you okay Ttar? You haven’t uploaded anything in a while…

Nouaman Moukassi says:

Fucking upload plez ;-;

Kevin Neely Jr says:

Today, an Aipom hatched out of my 2km egg. BUT yesterday, a Hitmonlee hatched out of my 10km egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o(WHAT)

Carson. Triplett says:

More insurgence pleaseeeeeeee!

John Lucero says:

Hey I got a hashtag
@-@ tf happened to that game I enjoyed it

Drew Elliott says:

that “buff azumarill” is a sentret

Jordan Fricke says:

it’s been four months continue pokemon insurgence

TOM says:

Am I the only one NEVER playing Pokémon GO?

10,000 subs without videos challenge says:

notice me senpai

Tyrell Mburu says:

I see that DU battery saver 0:07 . Respect , dude respect.

GamingXD says:

omg its you!! i just watched videos from 2013 *o*

EricPlays says:

Tyranitartube where’s an new episode of Pokémon moon

Cloud-C says:

I’m late let me think of an excuse…

I was looking for Insurgence EP 21

J T says:

What ever happened to Pokemon Insurgance?

Busy Chikin says:

U not in a team yet

Animan 247 says:

Will you be playing more Pokémon Moon?

pokemon Avater says:

wher is peeko

Prophecy Zi says:

Oml I grew up watching your vids I luv them anyway u could help me. With mine

Geren Percival says:

Look at gym in background, there is a crobat

Temmie Temmie says:


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