First Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee Gameplay

An extended gameplay demo shows off Pokemon Go catching mechanics and battles.

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Harris Tirant says:

be grateful fr a pokemon game on the switch in 2018

Mr. Anonymous says:

This looks like something that’s right Pokémon go wtf I feel like the game mechanics went down from here to much like Pokémon go with a slight different

A Khan says:

I honestly feel this is really just the prototype game they made to get familiar with the Switch engine. Kind of like the 2D bit version they made of Breath of the Wild. I’m hoping the 2019 game will be as genre-pushing as BOW.

Eddison Thomas says:

Getting a switch now

Ian Jamieson says:

Way to take one of the most popular franchises and turn it to trash.

Nicholas Blue says:

So much hate in the comments. Just shut up and enjoy a new direction of Pokemon game until next year, would you rather have nothing? You will complain about anything!

SpAC3GH0sT100 says:

So it’s basically Pokemon go in the Kanto region

carlos soto says:

So it’s basically “Pokemon Go the rpg” since it’s missing the main mechanics that made the games nostalgic.

Ryley Murphy says:

If I were to get this game my Pc box would be filled with Weedles, Pidgys, Metapods and pretty much any Pokémon just to gain exp -_-

joshua bayliss says:

That’s a money grab not pokemon

Jack says:

I would absolutely buy a switch for this if it actually was a traditional Pokemon game

_ _ says:

Honestly to me, it’s pretty damn heartbreaking not being able to battle wild Pokemon. Not too interested in this anymore.

Douglas Monroe says:

Hey, Nintendo. No wild Pokemon battles is a bad idea. I’ve been playing Pokemon since I was 9. It wasn’t just about the adventure or the story. It was about the pokemon and more importantly, the battles. Now as much as I trust Nintendo as their ability to create and produce fun games, taking the most pivotal part of an entire game franchise out of one of the most desired game remasters seems like a bad idea. I know these newboy casuals don’t mind getting things given to them but pokemon needs its challenge back. The thrill of the hunt, the heat of the battle and the uncertainty of the catch, that Is what Pokemon is all about.

Wltexasranger 694 says:

The Pokémon League rules say only 1 at a time!

Kurfluffle says:

So you’re telling me that I can buy a $60 game or download a free app that has almost the exact same gameplay…?

ZorZelda says:

Should add an option to switch between Battle wild pokemon and pokemon go style catching

Tanner Lockett says:

Can’t wait for the in-game MICROTRANSACTIONS that has plagued Pokémon Go.

AfroMyrdal says:

I was so hyped for this, now I see I don’t need to buy a switch after all..


Looks like ima be annoying af tryna catch Pokemon on a bus or plane haha

Eloy Garza says:

Why are these developers so obsessed with the “catching experience” idea? I think the majority of the community really care about the battling experience ten fold over catching. This game will get extremely boring if this is the main way to lv up your Pokémon. Clearly, who’s ever bright idea this was never played PKMN growing up. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.

Jeff Fowler says:

The catching system is so lame. I was considering buying a switch just for this game…not anymore.

Pierre Green says:

Ready for a real Pokemon Game

Stahn Misake says:

Why u guys always have 2 ruin games -,-

Birb Lord says:

Pokemon is dying. And game freak is pretty much killing it faster.

Hayden Foxx says:

I’m really excited about this. I feel like this is a great step forward and I’m super excited to revisit Kanto. I however wish they would have left the Pokémon GO gimmick out.

Nikita Filippov says:

and I almost sold my 3ds..

Jack says:

Now introducing *Pokemon: hypebeast edition*

samster101229 says:

Good thing you brought in a partner to take out that level 3 Metapod, bit of a scare moment there

Rycon says:

i freaking want battles with wild pokes god damn it

lunaticeyes says:

No Gary, no buy.

GregFGallegos says:

This was never stated to be one of their RPGs. It’s a remake of the original games but that’s it, this is specifically marketed towards their younger crowd. They announced this and Pokemon Quest at the same time and out of the three Pokemon titles they said they we’re working on, two were supposed to be different. Which these two are, and they’ve since confirmed that they have one more project in the works. I can see this being used to send over 1st Gen Pokemon to the next game, wether it be a 4th Gen remake or an entirely new Gen.

Edit* Just double checked and the three games are Detective Pikachu, Pokemon Let’s Go! & then the core Pokemon game.

musiko90 says:

I don’t like the catching system nor the leveling up system…. I’m really trying to like it but nope. Everything else looks cool

Hershel Jones says:

Jealous I would love Just a demo of this

datboirb says:

i wouldnt even call this a spin off. its really its own thing. its what pokemon go was always supposed to be

yuji momota says:

How would you catch legends without status effects and lowering there hp? I’d imagine that it would take 4ever

Mr Spreez says:

This game looks like a very expensive version of Pokémon go. I’ll be skipping this installment. BOTW and Mario showed us what the Switch can do. This effort is just disrespectful to gamers in general.

ChefMDM says:

Can you evolve pikachu and eevee?

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