FIRST EVER PVP BATTLES IN POKÉMON GO! What You MISSED in the Trainer Battles Reveal!

PVP GAMEPLAY IN POKÉMON GO! Today in Pokémon GO we share the first ever Trainer Battles Gameplay! Also we go over some Pokémon GO PVP details that you might have missed! Are you guys excited for PVP in Pokémon GO?
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HaikesXO says:

How much money this kid making off YT lol damn.

Tommy Nguyen says:

Holy crap he is only 21. How old is trainer tips?

Nathan Scharf says:

I am creating my own tournament primarily based in Salem Massachusetts…

Cartoonboy 77 says:

Hey mystic, I just saw a Yu-Gi-Oh advert and you were in it and I just wanted to know some background around it if you don’t mind

Bhargava Goud says:

My code is 5360 6080 6813

criiiw dep says:

7532 6796 6606 add ai pesoal

Jesse A says:

wow, the fact that weather boost has no effect in pvp is seriously lame…

WilliamRocket10 says:

Got a shint shellder and caterpie this week ag shiny rates rised?

shougaijam chinglemba says:

2238 2091 8974 this is my trainer code everyone add me and lets share gifts everyday.. thank you

Nicholas Doffin says:

Appreciate you encouraging others to invest! Always best to start when you are young! Average person starts when they are in their 40s. My name is Nick, and I have been watching you since 2016. Keep up the good work Mystic!!

Peter Meyer says:

1852 9966 3623 active Trainer from Germany

Justin Williamson says:

kinda hard to adjust to how far this guy is above me in economic status. everything he says it’s like oh he’s better at that. He’s got a great car eats good food I’m hungry.

Crazy Panda says:

Can someone add me plz I just need one more 2567 5742 8848

Kassandra Pineo says:

This is completely irrelevant but I love that sweater you were wearing at the end of the video lol

John Wilson says:

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4446 4620 5104 my trainer code

ABarnsleyLad says:

I really need to trade some pokemon so if you are down my code is 7075 6160 0246

Floor25th says:

1297 9080 3874 – add me please

Hernan Lyon says:

Why u playing Pokemon go, knowone plays that anymore and watches it

Eddy ramirez says:

You cant pvp yet you liar. I tried, the button is not there yet . maybe next update. Im reporting it for misleading

Tropicflower 12 19 says:

Wow your in yu gi ho duel links

Rafael Duran says:

Yo i really need 3 new active friends that will send gifts back and forth for my celebi cause I fell really far behind due to my phone breaking
3891 8655 2121

Equafly Gamer says:

add me
trainer code:9918 7470 0596

Mon Monkey says:

Pokémon go code 7764 8804 9019

iamjames says:

what happened to his mustang? i’ve been gone for almost a year

West Andrade says:

HYPE for that Shiny Present giving Penguin. He’s really been MIA after that one release. Delibird needs to gift us Smeargle this X-Mas.

Kylee Fish says:

You’re preaching to the wrong crowd bro
Talking about investing money lol and if you’re talking you can be risky well you’ve made wayyyy too much too fast of this game
New money is looked down on as a sucker so trust no one

Jared Gonzalez says:

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Haley Keller says:

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Group935 and 115 says:

Some one plz add me it’s for the challenge 7277 7443 4937

Dailen James says:

If you live outside of the USA and Canada please add me as your friend in pokemon go this is my friend code

2877 4357 6445

Dipankar Khadtale says:

5057 4857 6150 my trainer code. I am from India add me brother


Whtt you are having stepmom

Mourning Wood says:

7665 1367 2802 add me

Ttj007 007 says:

Add me guys need help 2289 3072 9586

Robert Vaughan says:

Are they going to allow swaps during charge attacks

Genaro Espinoza says:

Turning negatives into positives. A libra motto

dj steam says:

5565 9690 8459, now living in L.A, level 27, I sent gifts every day, feel free to add me

Mister Invisible says:

i want smeaaaaaarlgeeeeee, its one of my favorites and its still not hereeee aaaarg

William Bruno says:

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Aiden Block says:

Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 0341 4228 2286!

Logan Johnston says:

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PikaPro Awesomeness says:


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