The new Mythical Pokémon Deoxys is now in EX Raids in Pokémon GO! And today I do my first ever Deoxys raid with Mystic7! Have you gotten an EX Raid invite? Do you have Deoxys? Let me know! Enjoy!

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RTH Janssen says:

Good luck I guess

julius Van hoeserlande says:


CSItefla says:

Caught both my Deoxys yesterday ala Savage Season. Both went down on the first ball with a nanab berry. 1497cp and 1533cp

TV嘉诚 says:

7906 3751 1963

Terry Wolf says:

I got 3 Deoxys yesterday

John Redd says:

Add me daily player garland tx
9479 9633 0821

pokefan 05 says:

I just got deaxys today probaly my favourite mythical pokemon

_itzz_smurfy _ says:

Add me-8321 2652 7983

Caleb Withey says:

I’m so upset. I got invited to an ex raid yesterday and didn’t catch my Deoxys

EpicShadow says:

0596 6517 8429

JASON Mcgrane says:

Tranier Code:0592 6120 9171

Anime Adam says:

1910 2167 8208. Add me for daily gift exchanges. Active player.

Daria S says:

Congrats on catching it

Meme Boi Yoshi says:

hes not mythical, jirachi is the mythical for gen 3

Kerri Ben-Mayor says:


ak olsen says:


Nik Stewart says:

Good luck

nukemz says:

Congrats in the last ball catch!!

longchicken bk says:


GUY MAD says:

8945 7707 6946

7033 8769 0818

Welcome to add me^.^

NL Wither says:


Arrow 171 says:

Good luck!

JASON Mcgrane says:

Tranier Code:0592 6120 9171

GekkeMANdarijn says:


Wolf says:

Good Luck

Lindsey Gibson says:

Add me 2034 5741 3423

ViiRal _ says:

Addet mich 2804 9517 2585

Tyler Teachey says:

Caught my first yesterday it was a 1560.

musikman1977 says:

Omg your team &?&?&?&? Lol

Mo says:

Got my Deoxys third ball 1524 CP 82% IV Pscho boost and Zen headbutt – Also new sub here!

Colin Hsu says:

Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 6599 9248 6321! Add me please! Thank you if you do.

Kerri Ben-Mayor says:

get it get it get it

No Name says:

Got a hundo

Chelsea x says:

3533 5955 9532

Eric Bell says:

add me ill send gifts and you do the same 8107 5292 5652

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