FINALLY LAVENDER TOWN! NEW Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay Trailer!

New Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay Lavender Town Trailer
THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AND I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED! Pokemon Let’s Go Lavender Town with a SICK Lavender Town Theme!


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Jacob Lewis says:

The girl at the end is probably saying something about a certain white hand…

Wyvern9521 Elemental says:

Talk about spooky

Kazuto Akiyama says:

is it just me or does the new Lavender Town music sound more sad then creepy?

Abraham Ramirez says:

Why not save some info till release day lol let it be a surprise

The Ultra Sceptile says:

Infamous Ghost Girl perhaps?

tigretay says:

Ugh, seeing Haunter in Lavender Town just gets me so excited! Since Haunter is my second favorite Pokemon of all time, I’m definitely looking for a way to use it competitively.

Giovanni Orlando says:

Pokémon Tower looks so good! Looking forward to more news.

brockk1989 says:

But think of all the people that DON’T know Kanto. They dont want to spoil everything for those newer players. We dont need to see every city and feature explained, we’ve been to Kanto and we’ve seen it all already

Alakazite mage says:

I love this trailer, who cares what the hater says(protomario) this seem it will be a good game

Christopher Hohensee says:

I figured they would save lavender town for Halloween it is just fitting given the ghosts everywhere recently

Blucario says:

One thing I noticed is when the player character turned around in that trailer, her feet moved. I really liked that detail.

Tyler Kovalskas says:

I can’t wait for Pokemon let’s go! Also Lavender town looks better than ever. I know that we keep going to Kanto, but I’m more than happy to see it again, AND in 3D! Take my money, gamefreak!!!!

DryBones271 says:

I really hope the Ghost of Cubone’s mother is Alolan Marowak! You can’t catch it anyways, you have to defeat it, plus it would make sense. It’s an “Angry Spirit” Ghost/Fire! If this doesn’t happen i’ll be so sad….

Bad Deal Dude says:


Luis De Santis says:

Wow, lavender town looks awesome!

Benjamin Wiffen says:

The music of Lavender Town still creeps me out

The Meerkato says:

Im scared

El Raulster Master says:


Jeremiah Optimus says:

I’m catching all 151 when I play. Let Go Pikachu and I’ll do shiny hunts and I will hunt the gengar gastlys and haunters and Alolan Marowak

Carl Anthony Delos Angeles says:

Hope they can somehow tie in the lore about the Alolan Marowak. Spooky and great sound. Lavender town is the best. Just in time for Halloween. <3

tricky nicky says:

I knew they would put this for Halloween

MrSonicHedgehog says:

I’m wondering if Marowak will become her Alolan forme and she’ll be catchable

Mark van der Wal says:

I don’t care what everybody is saying, I am definitely hyped for Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

Luis Rodrigo Paniagua says:

Hmm… it would be interesting if the overworld models are just random ghosts until you get the Silph Scope.
BTW There will also be Treehouse Gameplay for Let’s Go

Caylenna Strongwill says:

So ready for this game! Less excited about carrying a 14 lb Eevee on my head all the time though… wish Eevee could be on the shoulder as well.

Piplupoleon says:

It will be cool if the marowack boss at the top of the tower is an alolan-marowack.

Byø Kőrā says:

Lol 1 day away from Halloween amazing

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