CATCHING *SHINY FEEBAS* IN POKÉMON GO! – Limited Research Pokémon GO Event

Pokémon GO Shiny Feebas Limited Research “Community Day” Gameplay! Catching Shiny Totodile from Limited Research! In Pokémon GO Feebas & Milotic are Gen 3 Rare Unique Pokémon with Shiny Form released at Pokémon GO Limited Research Day which offers a Unique Chance to catch these Super Rare Shiny Pokémon from Special Research Tasks!

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▶ Pokémon GO Limited Research “Shiny Feebas” Event Summary:
– Featured Pokémon: Feebas & Milotic
– 3 Hour Feebas Limited Research Tasks
– New Shiny Form for Feebas & Milotic Available
Feebas Limited Research Pokémon GO Event Info:

Reversal Mailtime
Postbus 2037
6802 CA Arnhem
The Netherlands

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Jeroen Faas says:

Only played for an hour since I literally got sick from the weather… didn’t get a shiny either

Nancy Velasquez says:

GRASS!!! GRAAASSSSS!!!! GRAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let the duck catch the frozen tuna!

logann-mackenzie froste says:

I got 2 shiny feebas and I did like 10 tasks. Plus the tasks were not too hard. I wish that I had gotten more time to catch more feebas and more shiny feebas.

Ni Ka says:

My friend code 6508 7762 6971

Roland Van Der Nat says:

“Narrator-Reversal” is cool! 🙂

bderek85 says:

What will you say if you get ZERO shiny feebas? Please kindly comment.

logann-mackenzie froste says:

So for me the hard part of the feebas event was the timing. I hope that Niantic will do more events like this because atleast for me it lets me catch atleast 1 to 2 shinies. Whereas sometimes on the community days I get zero shinies. And I don’t catch shinies on regular day.

Casperovitsch B says:

that commentary at the beginning is hilarious hahah. Nice way of fixing your mic!

Sanjay Kumar says:

2425 6365 9296

Jimmy Cardinal says:

Reversal love your Videos
I completed 116 Quests and got 3 Shinies. I enjoyed the challenge but hate that someone else did 36 Quests and got 4 Shiny so I’m a lil salty

MikedieONE says:

I agree with you. CD shinies feel kinda worthless. this one feels much more rewarding if you really got one.

Nathan Beasley says:

Imagine being this clueless on a game that involves direct monetary influence. Shiny rates for events are the way they are because those events create an influx of revenue that can easily be tracked and recorded to the specific instance. Pokemon go, to many people is about collecting – more specifically collecting shinys. There are tons of people who don’t care about IV’s or PVP etc, and solely shiny hoard. I would love to see Niantic make shinys even more scarce than the already miserable full odds, and even trickle it to events so they can see the direct revenue impact it would have; with hope that they’d publically address the White Knight pogo player base that holds this assenine idealolgy that shiny rates should mimic the console games rates. But obviously it’s okay to make rural players in game experiences even worse to ensure your shiny belief system is demonstrated in game.

Kristen Theologus says:

The event was stressful and not fun. Had nothing to do with how rare shiny Feebas was, it just wasn’t fun. Period.

Jimmy Cardinal says:

You made a great point about making them spawn more in the wild during the event not like a CD but to see 50,during the 3 hours would have been kool.

megaboy28 says:

so how about the idea, that the Americas and Asia had their shiny rates tripled after Europe had their Feebas event?

rafael lopez says:


Mark Zacharski says:

I liked the event. its good to not guarantee a shiny. that’s the whole point of the game to work to get the best IV Pokemon and rare ones. I got one shiny Feebas, however I also caught shiny Wailmer, Shiny pulse & shiny snippet yesterday so I think they did increase the normal spawns during this event

Supertricks75 says:

Love your channel support back thank you

Kristen Theologus says:

Did you not catch those Taillows? It looked like you ran from them and looked for bigger Pokemon to catch. I would have enjoyed the challenge more if I had more to catch. The spot where we usually have Community Day had very low spawns overall and that was my number one gripe!

Angel Hernandez says:

I just hatched a Shiny Feebas today

Jonathan Curtis says:

9267 9241 5698

Kyle L says:

Completely agree with the shiny rates. They’re just much too easy to come by these days. However, the tasks were too hard.

Peter Growns says:

They should rename Pokemon go to Pokemon sucks,I done over 80 feebas research tasks to get a shiny feebas and didn’t get 1 not 1,and now with the hoenn event I’ve checked over 2700 and no shiny taillow either, Pokemon go is getting really boring,niantic need to up there game with the shinies,I’ve saw on YouTube a lot of people are pissed off with niantic, how can the game be fun when you can’t catch shiny Pokemon

ChivasAre#1 says:

I totally agree with you, I got 4 shiny feebas we got spoiled from all previous events

Wesley says:

I really love the idea/concept of this event, but I do feel like it needs a little change for the future. These quests were way too time consuming. I think it would be best if they gave us some tasks that take less time or give us some more time do it (like an entire day of a full weekend). Shiny odds are fine, it feels good to work towards a shiny, and it’s very rewarding if you find one. So in my opinion, an event like this is awesome but it just needs a little change so that it’s enjoyable for more people! I managed to get 2 shinies and I’m very happy with that!

ayush singh says:

80% trainer not got any shiny 19 % got one shiny 1% got 1 or more shiny

Yokka says:

12:27 BS

Lucy Davies says:

I enjoyed the event even though I didn’t get a shiny but think I only enjoyed it coz it was doing it with a friend.

Shiny Noibat says:

Honestly I agree with you. I had a lot of fun with this event. I liked that it was limited shiny luck so it made finding a shiny that much more challenging… but I understand everyone’s pain. Especially in rural areas where they are limited in Pokestops and of course it was snowing in some areas. I want to keep that limited luck but I kinda agree that the pokestops not limit the research tasks OR it be only a 3 hour window. I happened to find 2 shiny Feebas but my friend found none. I ended up giving one of my shinies to him because I felt bad he didn’t get one… AND he was miserable because it was so cold. I get it. Next time, if they were to do something that was this hard, just make it 24 hrs not 3.

Trucker Drama says:

8410 5359 2903

YoshiWorld says:

This very was really funny. Nice job

Omega M says:

The shiny feebas day could’ve been better by having make 10 nice or great throws was better,

Zyklon B. says:

Everyone make oopsies, thanks for the content

Talkin Smack says:

Voice over is stupid

Jordan Z says:

This was painful

Patrice la Faille says:

I like these events. But how i wish these would be on sunday. Makes a boring day more fun and i can fully join in. Instead of just 30 minutes cause of work.

Eggsallent Boi says:

I had no shiny luck with feebas

wayne watterson says:

I played for 1 and a half hours got 2 shiny and went home pretty boring I say

Kyle L says:

Make the quests easy but cut the shiny rate in half.

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