BEST PLACE FOR POKEMON GO EVER…!!! | Pokemon GO Gameplay Part 56 | *NEW* Regional Exclusive Catch!

BEST PLACE FOR POKEMON GO EVER…!!! | Pokemon GO Gameplay Part 56 | *NEW* Regional Exclusive Catch!

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Kelvin Jiang says:

I like the ending

Mr. Seahawk29 says:

Masterov did you see the slow bro on nearby

MultiMGMasterGamer says:

upgrade plz

Morris Lim says:

im from indonesia

Algot Kristoffersson says:

there are no regional exclusives

Deathmatch Aka says:

Ov if you didn’t know corsola is a regenal pokemon

mlgcat123 144 says:

seadra should switch with kingdra because seadra looks more like a king

Isabella Fuste says:

is that really the best Pokémon place to catch Pokémon

Matthew Olmos says:

Play more Nintendo switch games

Hanny Solaman says:

Pineco is not rare

Rob Nealeigh says:

you can get a heracross in Florida in the usa

Ilie Diaconu says:

what happened with char.D?

Hanny Solaman says:

Slugma isn’t rare either, u trigger me

Banana Surgery says:

It literally says there 1 comment even though there is like 1000

Malcolm Seemann says:

evlove youre togepi

JB Master says:

Who seen that he had 21Slugma candies at the steak and that he only had nine a couple minutes after that

Rohith M J says:

oh yeah

Justin Frankco says:

im in jawa

It's Just a Scratch says:

bro i have kingdra to

Halim Uddin says:

I can catch a wild charmeleon but I can’t catch a wild charmander


I have a shinny gyarodos

Jordan Hill says:

When you reach that part in the comments when the comments just say. ‘First’

Kellen Swanson says:

Being American I thought he was joking when he said 35 degrees was hot

VaporyPhoenixGaming _ says:

Corsola and heracross I got in forida

John Schniedewind says:

Why did he skip Grimer?

juan cuna says:

what is the Mario song that is used called

Dragon HD says:

Hi guys go to and download it FREE (Beside VIP) you can download anything without payments and with hacks for FREE!!

Idisen0505 says:


shadow xli says:


Ryan Hatfield says:

This is MasterOv for you: Ooooh a weedle

Cherry Kinz says:

I caught Jumpluff before I caught either of its earlier evolutions

The 3 Meme lords says:

You had a slobro on the nearby in the beginning of the video

Byron Sarceno says:

Masterov did you got sunburn

LucaSTFC says:

Lydiard Park (in Swindon) is a Totodile spawn.

Amit Wisniewski says:


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