Actually Playing Pokemon GO In Public!!!

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Today we are venturing out into the wild and Testing the Pokemon Go Beta in the Public. With Real Pokemon GO Gameplay we see what’s it’s really like to play the game.

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zaygames 123 says:

have you ever got pranked

read more

Da Dope Penguin says:

1:46 thought my internet connection was having a spaz.

CJgreenbelt says:

Pokemon gota catch them all true and me Pokemon you teach me and i teach you Pokemon.

Love Bergh says:


Spencer ads says:


Disco Lion says:

Omg! You were in Rundle Mall??? UGH I HATE SCHOOL

Russell Wolfe says:


Agneta Romin says:

Yeah well

Sonu Paul says:

Isnt pokemon go is banned?

Matthew Cranley says:

Listen to Pokemon Go Song – Single by Matthew Cranley on @AppleMusic.
For all y’all that play this game in public haha

Teodoro Vierling says:

Heeeeyyy Friendz I Have Found W0rikinggggg Online Hacck visitt : –

Lord Zimba says:

what team are you

Ronnie123 Playz says:

Now Lickitung is so rare, I got him in my 1st 5k egg

inyazserg Sergey Larin says:

This kind of games with AR should be played in some advanced tech. These smartphones and the guys snooping with them are just ridiculous. You need glasses or lenses with the image projected on them. This way you will do as non-freaks, and also it’s just more comfortable thah crawling around grasping the piece of plastic and sticking it at the space around you.

Somebody Bodysome says:

Dude, what’s with your accent? And why do you speak so fast? I could get only half of the words which means I have not got a thing. Downvoting.

varsavsky Martin says:

You want to have the Dragonite / Snorlax / Lapras/… Cp + high IVs. Contact me

Chrisian Renie says:

I am on team instincts. how about you ?

Allzer GD says:

“Gameplay of pokemon go isnt on youtube” -Ando

Miner Dude says:

It’s slowly dying

The Humor Guys says:

OMG The bar in my town is a Pokestop!

swoldier1016 says:

I’m glad these guys are enjoying, but one day…. they will discover women and their lives will change forever!

Emily Maz says:

Are you going to go to the show?????

Jessica Hendrick says:

Did anybody notice that he had a master ball in his items before catching the lickatung

Andrew Sanchez says:

I’ll come

Chill Charmander says:

uhh yeah… this happens everyday what do you mean this is amazing

Epic gamer says:

I have a mawerwake

Pharrellgamer123 says:

I have played Pokemon go in public

Queenie Ciego says:

you gay look gay

Gilbert Cruz says:

0:56 song?

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