11 Things We Know About Pokémon: Let’s Go! and Pokémon Quest

Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu gameplay and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee gameplay has just been revealed, but what exactly do we know about it? In the following video you can find out everything we know about Pokémon: Let’s Go Switch and Pokémon Quest gameplay, including the way Pokémon Go gameplay combines with Pokémon Let’s Go on Switch!

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Alec H says:

Looks ok but would have preferred a Pokémon yellow remake with choosing Eevee or Pikachu and wild Pokémon battles .. catch Pokémon like Pokémon go after attacking them

Kek Gaming says:


GreenGolemGamer says:

Why do all the Pokemon in Pokemon quest look like they are screaming in eternal pain?

Unikitty Official YT Channel says:

That Pokemon is Gorochu

Matt says:

Only 330 Subs to go for 500k,

PlasmaFireStar says:

Congratulations on 500,000 subscribers!!

mkrool says:

tbh i was expecting a port of sun and moon i would play this 2 player by myself the whole time lol

Ben Richards says:

I purchased the switch for my nephews a fortnight ago specifically to insulate them from the normalisation of whaling-microtransactions on tablet/mobile games.

That makes the freemium “Quest” honestly distressing to learn about :/

WMV Gaming says:

So thats why pixelmon got cancelled….id rather have pixelmon tbh…

SoSickRick says:

Apparently IGN confirmed it will have online without the need for Switch Online.

DJK1NG Gaming says:

Every point you tried to make in the first half of this video is false. Don’t claim to be a Pokemon fan when you can’t show that you have any knowledge on the games themselves.
– Catching Pokemon in Pokemon games has not been the same.
There been numerous new mechanics added. You have played Pokemon since Black that was 8 years ago. So you wouldn’t know.

– It get so repetitive people like you because you guys can’t comprehend or understand the depth of the game. Pokemon games have layers to them. You are on the bottom.
You lack intellect on mechanics and features in Pokemon.
Physical Move, Special Move, Nature, Ability, Egg Move, Hold Item, Strategy, Team Building, EV Training, IV Training, Breeding, Mega Evolution, Z-Move and more mechanics in the game. You know nothing about.

– There no hope you do enough damage. A true Pokemon fan doesn’t need to hope they do enough damage. They don’t do too much damage because every Wild Pokemon are different. Some are much more defensive base on their Nature or Base Stats. Something you know nothing about.

trismugistus says:

Hey ho.

S3xistPanda says:

EuroGamer needs to update their info there are online battles and trading, there isn’t “RANKED” that is it. You will be able to battle people on the internet on this game people, not only locally…

Red Dragon says:

Hey was I the only one to notice Pokemon follow you in the Let’s Go games. Not just the pikachu and eevee

Dayne Bechtold says:

This is how Pokemon finally dies if this is the way pokemon will be from now on.

The Koor Dnalsi says:

My question is, is it gonna be just Male and Female in Let’s Go? Or can it be two guys or two girls? And since it’s local player, can you both sign in as your profiles and have data saved individually on your characters? You said that it makes catching Pokémon easier when playing together. Do both people catch the Pokémon or does it just make it easier for player 1? I’m confused.. I have lots of questions that need answering…

Chris Doffer says:

Man I wish I had friends to play nintendo games with

Kek Gaming says:

“Aloan” Wut?

MSSoulBlader says:

Simply put: if you don’t like it, don’t buy it but please for the love of Arceus shut up about your complaints.

YOU SSH says:

151 pokes only?

Kjm6351 says:

Excited to bring my Pokémon Go team to HD!

The CastAway DC says:

Stardew Valley may have met the game that will kick it off my switch! LET’S GO!!!

Samuel Young says:

Another difference between the two Let’s Go games is that there will be different captures, according to the pokemon website

BazooGaming says:

Not buying this. It’s way too focused on pokemon go

Bobby Xxx says:

This game looks great and all but I would much rather more than just the first 150 Pokemon and online trading and stuff

Pat Rossi says:

So its because of you idiots the misinformation of no online spread. Good job, I can really see why the pay you the big bucks.

BroScouts says:

I just cant get over that there is no Wild Pokemon Battles 🙁

DGTZ1982 says:

I’ll wait for the real games in 2019 thanks lol

oscarf gutierrez says:

Okay I keep hearing this just a spin-off is this true?

Nicholi says:

I just didn’t like pokemon go. I caught the pokemon but couldn’t do much with them. Annoying.

Luis Silva says:

im sorry…. am i the only one going crazy when he says there will be no wild pokemon encounters as there’s a wild pokemon cutscene when you’re walking over grass???? also, even of there’s no wild pokemon battles, you get it enough on pokemon go, i mean that’s all you do in the mobile game

The Last Thing You See Before You Die says:


o m says:

nobody cares about kanto or pokemon go anymore! give it a rest nintendo

Night Cat says:

Alright, who put the kybosh on adding a very necessary Jigglypuff impersonation into this video? Aoife? Johnny? The basic tenets of human decency? I want their NAME!

Wolf says:

Nintendo will have us pay for online play but barely uses it for its own games thanks Nintendo.

Formerly Known as Randy says:

@Eurogamer Your comment in this video about no online in Pokemon: Let’s Go is not correct and should be amended as to not confuse viewers. This was a mistranslation according to Serebii…


This topic is also covered on IGN’s article and goes into detail: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/05/30/pokemon-lets-go-pikachu-and-lets-go-eevee-confirmed-for-nintendo-switch-releases-november-16

Battling and trading are both available online and locally, but online ranked battles will not be available, and as for the Nintendo Switch Online service launching in August, Masuda said they “don’t have any plans to utilize the online service right now.”

Thunder 10892 says:

Waht the hell

God Bless Texas Epting says:

I am happy to go back to the original. People calling this a knock-off haven’t listened to the press-conference where they over and over again called this a game in the mainline series.

Mauweek says:

Hold on, surfing Pikachu once again?

DarkSummoner 1575 says:

Is it me, or is it that Tumblecube Island is in the shape of Great Britian? (It seems to be shown sideways to.) Well, so much for a core series game with a pokemon region inspired off of The British Isles. :T

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