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Carmen Yant says:


Gannon J says:

Why tf isnt this in like CF in newer maddens this is dope asf

Geraldo Jimenez says:


Joe Jones says:

NO. They never will again. Quit trying to get our hopes up again.

Team Warriors Harsh says:

Yes like nba2k18

Marcus Reed says:

I have this madden 08

DayByDey Gaming says:

This was the best madden fat as superstar mode

king life says:

U sound just like chris smoove i swear are u him

Jamaury Harrison says:

Get the Hall Fame Edition with Trell Owens and you get 1 of 5 elite players and you can create your own cover

james arwood says:

I think he’s done with madden 18 cb mode

Drew Tobia says:

They need to ditch the long shot and make a career mode like 2k18. Also add lots of gear and a face scan option

JAY says:

they should have it play like ncaa 14, i liked how depending on what school you goto you had to work up to that starter spot & leveling up you unlocked different type of abilities. but we all know EA puts all their time into ultimate team so we shouldn’t even expect anything good

Delonte Murphy says:

Pro bowl!

Samuel Etienne says:

That’s exactly what i want in madden 19 career mode and if it happens it would be dope

JuiceMan says:

1 billion% should’ve been in this gen AND SOME….. EA should have take note of what 2k been doi nvm…. 2k18 mycareer cheeks… good video as always.

Kane Fairweather says:

Pleaseeeeee EA

26 Saqaon B NYG says:


Ferris L says:

Thanks for making vids

TJ The Champ says:

They won’t have any of this cause EA is the to damn lazy! They to worried about MUT

Jon Rudd says:

My favorite madden is 2007 to 2008

Jonathan Grant says:

Madden 19 is set to have their gameplay released tommorw

Godsen Joseph says:

If 2k had a football game

Niko says:

they gotta pay the dudes that developed road to the show to do something good with madden, nothing crazy just a simple mode like road to the show in madden would be amazing

legend games says:

I started playing this game last year and it was better that 17

VIK Mrpurpledude says:

you should upload this as a career mode

TK Dbz says:

Madden 19 about to be madden 18 with more players and more pay to win I’d honestly be surprised if they even put the career mode and combine in the game that would honestly be sick

Jaylan Parks says:

They need the amber visor back in Madden

Backpack kid Tv says:

What they need to be doing is make it like 2k story mode a little bit

Hieu Le says:


Froshe Fresh says:

We all know damn well EA isn’t doing shit. Madden 19 is gonna be Madden 18 with new rosters. Madden Career Mode has been the same since Madden 25. EA is lazy af.

Rayvon Walker says:

Need More Customization options too

Reynaldo Felix says:

Madden has been the same shit year after year man, no immersion whatsoever when playing career mode. MLB the Show is definitely top tier when it comes to character customization and immersion hopefully EA takes some notes.

mason r says:

Longshot was completely pointless and boring

The Almighty Kelkel -_- says:

Qjb you can do draft madden 18 Fantasy draft

x5estrada G says:

You the Best!

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