What’s New in Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL introduces exciting new ways to team up and play with friends. Check out all new gameplay features including target passing and blocking controls, plus new wide receiver and defensive back mechanics. Madden 18 also features three ways to play, arcade, simulation, and competitive. Pick your style and play your way. Madden NFL 18 launches on August 25.

Pre-order today and receive three days of early, full-game access to *Madden NFL 18: G.O.A.T. Edition. *Available on PS4 and Xbox One. Learn more: http://x.ea.com/31531

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Only Leem says:

First year i wont be picking up madden. Probably the first of many…

X-Wing_317 says:

They Forgot The First Story Mode

joe says:

how you guys still so trash at animating dreads?

littlejimbo29 says:

This looks so hot

Jamaul Cox says:

Can we get some actual game play??? Pleeaseeeeee

Ritchard Ohnmacht says:

What about making the guys on defense or on offense on the sidelines more realistic all the time.. sometimes they look madden 2004 players.

Chris Logan says:

Madden 18 will suck your C. Don’t be convinced or fooled by the glimmer and sprinkle of Manning team it’s still going to be the same crummy ass game just with the new year title above it

LX Dark Sniper says:

Can’t wait to body some folks in Madden 18 and make these bums feel salty. Madden is going back to PS2 style

Matthew Lewis says:

I hope the song in this video doesn’t mean every song in the game is going to be that bad

Etan Clan says:

They talk about new catching and db shit every year. How about better blocking and running mechanics you guys fucked up jukes and spins last year so bad

Steven Richard says:

That music was fucking annoying lmao

icetea3400 says:

Matt Ryan dropped back without the football in his hands lol

Wiemy says:

One month until this game is released and still no gameplay? DO they actually expect people to preorder a game without actually showing it?

Renault Ft-17 says:

Why can’t you just keep it simple and Improve stuff? Like improve the hit stick and actually make it look like a big hit where the defender puts his whole body into the hit. And scrap the stupid ass user receiver thing. The swerving ruined 17.

Weapons Of Warfare says:

BARELY any game play. Trying to hide it’s flaws with more cinematic than actual game play.Madden 17 is the most UNREALISTIC football game I’ve EVER played and apparently all Madden games are that way.

User City 17 says:

I’m calling it now the next thing on defense will be cross-zoning. Only way to cover double drags

Derek 478 says:

What do the new game modes mean??

Douglas Chadmon says:

Since madden 18 is the same as 17 can y’all tell what it needs to be different? I mean it does have a whole new engine.

Renault Ft-17 says:

Also, fix the fucking blocking. The offensive lineman run right past the defender when you run up the middle

Kingston Hawke says:

All this showed is that gameplay wasn’t on there mind at all. Long shot, MUT, and that exclusive liscense os where their bread is buttered. And to be slick they waited forever and then but out this video that doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. Way to be slick EA, but this year I’m definitely buying used.

TheJig98 says:

Balls move by ea for going this late and not releasing gameplay

S Nolan says:

Looks like so much is missing no mouth pieces no cheerleaders with the pregame team intro with all the fire works and smoke doesn’t make sense. Plus there was really no game play shown. Seems like it’s going to be another disappointing madden. Please give 2k the nfl license back already so they can make a real football game.

Roderick Peoples says:

Madden really need some competition keep them on there toes I think ea become a little complacent

TheStats8 says:


Kobe YAMZ says:

2k please take the license from these bitches!

Pmon Tcg Guild says:

What’s new in Madden 18? Oh nothing anyone cares about

ImThe__RealDeal says:

When has Jordy Nelson ever worn a visor??

lala palmer says:

As long as juking isn’t trash like last year aifn me up

Taylor Thompson says:

It’s a little scary that EA cuts through the footage so quickly. Here’s the problem that I have with this. This looks f****** awesome I’m not going to lie but here’s the issue: the trailer is so damn fast that you can’t see anything. It looks absolutely brilliant for the footage we were shown. But who cares because when it comes to the full gameplay — the backbreaker trailer even looked good but the gameplay with s***. In other words- super excited for Madden 18 but I can’t say anything until we get the game. If it plays like the trailer then this is going to be fantastic. The game looks beautiful absolutely no complaints graphically. I’m excited-but as of right now that’s all I can say.


Blazers GN says:

Looks amazing ready for madden and 2k!!!

Noah Sustaita says:

I’m so hype right now

MOST550 says:

I wish ESPN NFL 2K18 was competing with this year’s Madden…. We would see what Madden 18 is really all about… @ 0:20 No real TV license… Another incomplete game from EA Sports…. Where’s Monday Night Football ???????

Clang20 says:

wow 3 seconds of gameplay………


we waited a month for this?! im done ea can kiss my ass.

Ramar Thomas says:


ed gallegos says:

cant wait for football season and madden !!!!! go titans

Skilled Hitman says:

Madden 16 & 17 were both very lagging and slow on the menu hopefully madden 18 is not the same

GODSPEED 33 says:

When you know you’re being hustled. I look at this smoke and mirrors type of trailer and the only thing I see is Rex Dickson’s smug face. This shit is like real beef “On sight” bruh.

Skilled Hitman says:

Besides it being the new madden game is it really worth 60-80$ worth not a whole lot of difference I like the older madden games

Taylor Thompson says:

Ps whoever chose the music for this trailer should probably be fired

Ttitans716 says:

Why is every time there is something about WR and DB Beckham and Norman are always in it

Mada Selah says:

Definitely getting this first day

Toby Giddens says:

I pray to god we can create our own character in the story .all tho the set character does explain why it’s called longshot.he’s not getting drafted lol

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