TOP 5 Things the NFL BANNED From Madden!

What features and additions have the NFL BANNED from being in Madden Football?

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Titanlord 25000 says:

Customize/make a team

Banks_ BB says:

NFL is doing way too much. It’s a damn video game

ivete aparecida says:

Please music of intro.

Scott Zummers says:

Madden lifespan only last like 2 months and everyone goes to another game. No one really plays this game all year long.

DJ313 DETROIT says:


Zachito15 says:

I miss knocking off helmets

deebocj says:

LMAO! GREAT video.

Rafael Castillo says:

Nah bruh. You gay nigga? Tf I wanna see gay niggas like you and Ezekiel elliot’s stomach? Crop top? Bruh anyone who thinks that tight is gay. Prove me wrong. Looking like 30 year old hookers and shit. Fuck outta here

Carlos Perez says:

Loved the ambulance back in the day.

MOST550 says:

Madden 19 needs to show highlights of other games during regular season play… Like NFL Game break in real life… I remember Madden 92 used to show an end of the game field goal highlight of another game on the cartridge games… Madden today is very unrealistic and is nothing like the real NFL on Sundays on CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network…. I loved the ambulance.

Dwayne Stoutmire says:

I miss the Lambeau leap

JayVaz Gaming says:

They should put actual fights, like if a game is really tense & the person who is winning can start dissing there opponents if they choose. Like for example, OBJ & Josh Norman, those kind of things make the game have an actual story to it like in your own way, it’s just an opinion though, I don’t need anyone bashing me even if you think it’s a stupid idea. In my opinion I like a real story, it just keeps me close to my game.

MaddenFootball Talk says:

I think EA should bring back simulation football again. This roulette animation game where you never know which animation you trigger by the coding absolutely is trash. Get rid of DDA

Robert Stewart says:

This is why I still play nfl 2K. I play madden on occasion tho

MultiRayman98 says:

Was fun one too

showtime1285 says:

Created teams,edited real teams,helmets knocked off,tats,concussions,ect…

Lucius Kimble says:

Allowing u t lo lead block wit your O Linemen

Khi Rodgers says:

They should bring back the pre game presentation. With the coming out of the bus and stuff

NT23 says:

I hate how every stadium is sold out. It’s been this way since Madden 12

Ryan Herrmann says:

Custom teams and stadiums need to be back

Dominique Martin says:


Carlos Perez says:

The radio show and newspaper from 05’

Wizzo Mack says:

The NFL rubies Madden . Everything good in madden they have taken out and became a piece of shit non -simulated game that cheats players constantly

Logan Reyes says:

A t shirt sticking out of the bottom of the jersey

Jeremy King says:

Classic teams

josh oliver says:

Damn I just noticed that concussions ain’t in Madden anymore

trsswp says:

Doesn’t matter what NFL band from Madden. Madden would still suck if all of these weren’t banned.

Parker Echols says:

One of the worst thumbnails I’ve ever seen

Parker Bai says:

I miss having a green or chrome visor in Madden 08, it was lit giving that to my career mode player. Also I don’t get why Madden got rid of the Rawlings NRG helmet, I always gave my guy that helmet when they put it in the game.

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