We got the new Most feared Randy Moss & Going into the Playoff of our H2H Season! Can Randy lead us to the Super Bowl? Subscribe for more Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team Gameplay


Bryce Flaugher says:

Man get moss out of that fuckass giants uni that’s disrespectful

matthew doak says:

How do u lose and get shutout with that offence that is ridiculous

OTG Kobe says:

How the fucking hell did he get that jerry

Bruschi11 Gaming says:

What’s your defensive playbook

Lucky Plath says:

How do you put thousands of dollars in to a video game, and you still suck at it. Smh

Griffin Woodall says:

How many coins and how much money was needed

T_ Mo says:

That cheese defense though smh

Ian Phillips says:

You suck

FinsUpFilms says:

I hate people who run Cover 4 Show 2……..

Jackson Brown says:

It’s not ray Lewis… it’s your shitty user learn how to play the game

Rybread 811 says:

What playbook is that

Jae KiDd says:

bro you get to keep the nats & can sell the other people you bugging bro I kept hightower in my line up nat or not dude I got 5 sacks in 1 game Hassan is crazy good & quick lol

madchillen 420 says:

So u spent 100$ to get him?

It's Vexlify says:

lol I spent 80 bucks and got him the hell waste of money

Danial Shahid says:

You’re trash bro you have a God squad and run a cheese ass defense and still can’t win sell me your team for 100 dollars

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