THE ENDING IN HD! – MADDEN 18 LONGSHOT Gameplay Walkthrough – NFL DRAFT! Does Devin Get Drafted? #12

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In this video, we’re doing a gamelpay walkthrough playthrough Madden 18 Longshot Story Mode. 500 likes and I’ll upload the next episode!

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american football Madden 18 Longshot full gameplay playthrough!

AMERICAN FOOTBALL! SPORTS! FOOTBALL! GAMING! Devin Wade at the NFL Combine and Devin Wade as a kid! Looking back on his career at Texas, high school game and time with Devin Wade’s dad! the final episode of the story mode, the nfl draft does devin wade get drafted by an nfl team, does colt get drafted? find out! How does madden 18 longshot end? What if? What happens if? What happens in? How did Devin wade’s dad die? Find out!


Pound4Pound Gaming says:

So, does Colt get drafted by the rival team of your fav team, so does that mean that if I choose the Ravens as a fav team I’ll go to the Steelers if a want because I want to go to the Steelers with Colt

Patriotic Warrior says:

If you play on the cloud on your my career, make a a player choose undrafted quarterback, mobile on the Texans the team that picked you up it let’s you play as Devin and it uses his player model and voice!!, and the announcers announce him. I learned it last night so you can actually play in the NFL!!!! Like so RBT will do this!!!!!!!

Kaleb Payne says:

Video Idea: Relocate every NFL team and start a series based on the new NFL. Like so RBT *the goat* can see!

Smokey Gagne says:

It’s pretty much a game mode where you don’t play an NFL career, still no normal career mode where you get drafted. crappy madden again. I wish I could get a refund.

No Good Blazers says:

I thought Devin was going to put his Texans Cap at his Dad’s Grave

Samuel Baughman says:

That was great

RGM says:

RBT looks and sounds like Colt

Brinton Anderson says:

Do what if Devin picks the Titans instead of the Texans

Michael Donodeo says:

Make a franchise with devin and colt. See how they do. They each have ratings in madden mobile if you need help

Skeagle1 says:

Audio sucked couldn’t hear shit

Vinayak Swaroop says:

wait so is there more gameplay? does Devin get to play with the Texans???

PurpleMonkey says:

Colt reminds me of RBT so much

M J says:

In my ending, I didn’t throw to Colt on the drive where they said to avoid him. I got drafted in the 6th round by my favorite team and Colt didn’t get drafted and doesn’t join the NFL.

Brady Lang says:

Do you play in the NFL

T-rev22 says:

I got drafted by the eagles. If u hit the check down in the game, you get drafted and colt doesnt but if u hit colt, he gets drafted and u dont

Bryan Morales says:

You don’t get to play at all with Devon wade?

Jamie's Reactions says:

Every youtuber that i have watched devin goes undrafted but im my longshot devin gets drafted instead of colt

Jordy Nelson says:

There’s more then one ending lmao

RBT says:

Thanks to everyone who watched all these episodes in such a short time! A have a special series with some other youtubers coming soon pertaining to longshot, i’m so excited for it!

firestarrox1 says:

12:28 Wolverine Justice… and he’s from Michigan…

Mr. MattWho says:

Announcer: The Houston Texans are on the clock.
Subtitles: The Buffalo Bills are on the clock.


LaudableMussel0 says:

After you finish Longshot, how about you go to connected franchise and continue with Devin Wade, or even Colt???? just an idea

RJ Mahoney says:

Longshit is literally a game mode where you can’t fail and ultimately choose the team you end up on, and don’t even get to play with them.

Seth Hough says:

My guy Bill Cowher out here.

r4sha says:

I got drafted by the Texans

Jacob Davis says:

Lets be real. Decin has a better ahot at qb with texans than at taking mariottas spot

VinnyI6420 says:

Ilike the story, there wasnt much as far as gameplay though.

Cassian Andor says:

I didn’t get drafted but I made the cardinals

Todd Sokolowski says:

That hits way to close to home for me

Danny MTZ says:

Wasn’t the dad a Texans fan

Cameron Bonanno says:

RBT that was so awesome!!!

DJ Willus says:

The second long shot will be called Big shot

Drew Palsha says:

In mine I got drafted and colt went undrafted without a call

Daniel Kasprick says:

I got attached so quick by watching and I almost cried at moments but I love this and I hope they just do all seasons in madden 18 cause I don’t wanna wait

Meh says:

It’s cool how Nate Boyer (a former NFL long snapper and US Army Green Beret) played Captain McCarthy

Mr Brandon says:

Dang I thought the ending of this game would be him winning the super bowl or something like that when I first started watching.

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