THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFL VS THE WORST TEAM! – Madden 17 Local Teamplay Gameplay

Madden 17 Gameplay by @imav3riq
Madden 17 Local Team Play playlist –

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King Keis says:

Juice all in trents ear talking bout two users picks but mav threw two as well lmao

Kevin Tran says:

3:22 Trent spitting some Kendrick Lamar

TheJtnguyen96 says:

Trent is the worst. Anyone on his team is an automatic L

Quan Boy says:

Trent you mother fluffin suck ninja

Colby M. says:

Y’all need to stop disrespecting the pats

Mobile Gaming says:

Mav arms look to big for his body

Matthias ty says:

stax is awsome im happey that they put him on there episodes keep up the work

Slade Your Nani says:

Fam need a bigger couch lol

Prank ScCity says:

Rams are the worst

Fred Ball IV says:

But curry rlly did say that about the BBQ foot massage Mav is dumb

Kris Garland says:

it’s even if u do Trent and mav Vs juice and that other guy.

Kris Garland says:

please do 3 of u vs mav

Sprite LemonLimeSoda says:

WR vs DB Juice, Stax, Dion and Trent. Its summer time, get out there lets settle this on the streets.

Conor Finley says:

the rams were a 72…

Matthew Holm says:

Juice: “Who’s gettin’ burnt?”

Stax: “Me!”

Me: “Bruh.”

Lupus ad Noctem says:

We just gunna pretend like Trent aint goin through puberty?

Karis Daniels says:

how old is trent

Matthew Wilson says:


Sidjdhdj Bdbdjsjs says:

Juice and mav some dumbass niggaz

Colby M. says:

Trent disrespecting Brady … smh hard to watch whenever he uses the Pats

Devin Wood says:

Browns won’t be the worst next year

Lance Spurlock says:

Rams are the worst they’re a 72 ovr

Savage Boy says:

juice stop talking trash to Trent you where quite the whole time

Mr.Deadshot Daiquiri says:

Trent is so bad it makes me cringe

Latron Gadison says:

y y’all be torturing him

Packer Mafia says:

This man stax over there whispering in trents name after every play

Fergnoodle says:

do nfl 2k5 teamplay it makes the second player on the side always the person who has the ball besides the qb

Moses Epps says:

Feed The Crow

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