NFL REPLAYS BOBBY WAGNER! – Madden 18 Gameplay

NFL REPLAYS BOBBY WAGNER! – Madden 18 Gameplay
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Today I have the new Madden 18 NFL Replays Bobby Wagner for a Madden 18 NFL Replays Bobby Wagner Gameplay! Let me know if you have any other ideas for gameplay videos!

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NFL REPLAYS BOBBY WAGNER! – Madden 18 Gameplay
NFL REPLAYS BOBBY WAGNER! – Madden 18 Gameplay
NFL REPLAYS BOBBY WAGNER! – Madden 18 Gameplay

if you are reading this let me know if you want more Madden 18 gameplay videos!


Chales Natewa says:

Nice nice loving the video’s

Sean Colwell says:

GT Ryan Shazier with physical front and blanket coverage with unfakeable and secure tackler


This should’ve been called the Rod Woodson and Harold Carmichael gameplay

Chris Wolfinger says:

just an FYI when u give a players stats dont give us the ones with ur team bonus not all of us have the same team

Jaymin Griffin says:

Wat playbooks u use

Ryan Nyquist says:

What offensive playbook do you run

ProPain79 says:

GG. Wagner looks like a beast

John Phoung says:

Hahaha I’m the second dude you played. I recognized the name and tried to show out but my team was no match. Good shit man

Matthew Lujano says:

Love it man. You were in fire today. Has to be one of the best user. Keep up the good work man.

Raymond Sphaler says:

the best MLB in the game

carlosp1998 says:

Card looks glitchyyyyy…. pair him up with that new leanord Floyd as ur user

Swab Dobbin says:

As always you are the GOAT! I’ve been holding my Wagner’s for this exact day. Can’t wait to get him

joshua paisley says:

bobby wagner is one of the best mlbs in the league

KingA 1030 says:

Wheelz did u spend a mill on wagner

Kobe Gainer says:

I have the Toty powered up waiting for another Wagner he’s just so expensive

kou khang says:

hey what is a good center to pick up right now

fauwandha says:

Would it cost less to complete his set or buy em off the auction house?

Jason Williams says:

night train is always getting killed in your gameplays

Filipino Jesus says:

Wish it was Zach brown

kinghope32 says:

Wheelz let me borrow a linebacker lol

Aktriox says:

I hope they make Golden Ticket Urlacher, he’d the best linebacker in the game at 6’4

GamingBeast _ says:


Bradley Redmond says:


needyraykam gaming says:

U should compare Ryan shazier and bobby Wagner like if yall agree

Bhaskar K says:

Power up team builder

Twin V-Twizzy says:

Great vids

Wheelz says:

NFL REPLAYS BOBBY WAGNER! – Madden 18 Gameplay

Viggo Gerdes says:

Love your vids

Kyle Lusher says:

Nice rod Woodson gameplay

GeneralShowHD says:

Might as well sell Willie and keep Ray and Bobby

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