NFL Playoff THRILLER! Madden NFL 19 Franchise Series

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Today we begin something very special, as I start my very first Madden 19 CFM, Connected franchise series TWO MONTHS before the game is released. Through this series, we will see new features from new animations – to gameplay – to ultimate team – new trades, new free agents – to the super bowl – to experiments – to everything new – cut scenes – new schemes – nfl draft – and more in Madden 19 CFM!


J Money says:

Your trade logic you do makes no sense, I get ur point but seems very unrealistic, why don’t you use your platform and tell the devs to patch that?

Joshua Gilbert says:

I can’t wait for this game

Ceraun Fields says:

This year Madden 19 need to put up or shut up

Chris Lester says:

These YouTuber game changers are simply overhyping as usual.

TerrorArtist 404 says:

Hey you guys I’m a upcoming youtuber starter I do madden games, 2k , any type of gaming…If yall can please subscribe I will subscribe back..THANK YOU



God Is Good says:

RBT, do you think the Rapture is coming soon? Unrelated question to the video, but I want to know

Deadspider 316 says:

When the game comes out you should do the Bills franchise

StevoIsBack says:

Why they look like BLITZ players

iTz_ Dylyn says:

Bet they play eagles

navynugget7 says:

This dumb game still has daylight issues! An AFC championship game in Pittsburgh at 4pm, in January, should not be light outside!

BedWarsChallenger -MinecraftAndMore says:

I wanna see the Super Bowl field in atlant

jack messina says:

honestly not that good of a series, better off just waiting till the game drops

sid Awesomeness says:

I went 16-0 going to super bowl and ran

TR Cuzzo says:

In madden 18 you should do the brutally honest player career from not the expert ITS really FUN!! Like if you agree

Kick him In the face says:

This is the playoffs we deserve: no patriots

EricRayweather says:

So this is why you were late to the meeting….


Do you have some beta code for the ps4

Trey IM2 says:

Good stuff. Watched too many vids on 19, lol, but I can’t express enough how I am loving how there is NO RAGDOLL nonsense!! Lol. The fall downs especially look great and the getups are improved. Looks sooooooo much cleaner and realistic. Lots to like with 19 yet much more to go for 20. Can’t wait til launch day.

Theirn Lewallen says:


Potato Chips says:

Rbt pulled off a Kanye West lol

Brad Giantbear47 says:

Why does he call it a franchise? It’s basically a rebuild.

Octavious Brown says:

Can you do a new team

The_player 21 says:

i did not like this series as much I’m sorry

550 Cent says:

Let’s get it

Hurry the feet says:

Sam, I love you. But this series was garbage. You barely played any games, you had very few trades with no user input, heck you simmed half the season. You weren’t even able to play the playoff games. I have no attachment to this team, I wouldn’t care if y’all made the playoffs or not. Please don’t do a series like this again.

Danny Malzahn says:

their shoulders are so huge it looks like that cartoony wii game from a few years ago

VerySexual Penguin says:

I’m 69 years old

Jake Russell says:

Rbt almost lost to the dolphins because at 7:32 look at the receiver on the left that burnt his corner.

Theirn Lewallen says:


Tyler Staton says:

You didn’t settle you got the greatest qb in the league

Mark Harrelson says:

Man RBT the dedication to this series is awesome. And a big thank you to EA for allowing you past your time!

Crushfaze MVP says:

I hate madden 19 the gameplay is horrible and so Is the graphics

Mr Polo says:

Soon as I seen mariota not a QB I turned dis shit off

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