NFL DRAFT SEASON FINALE! Madden 18 Longshot Gameplay Walkthrough Ep. 11

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Yeah OG says:

this is so fake, irl if a player has so much hype on media and all over the news he would get drafted in the first or second round

Morizon says:

This is like a beta version of fifa’s journey mode but the story was alright

Jason Mota, Jr says:

this is fucking stupid no matter what u do u also go undrafted EA should just let 2k stick with the story mode at least in 2k you get to be in the draft you can be a 1st pick or 18pick not just a 1st overall pick

Cody Harris says:

cool to see different endings, my side got drafted by the steelers in the 7th round at the 29th pick cuz they traded up. pretty neat

Edward Chan says:

man I LOVE this storyline

King JLH says:

This was ass but madden story shit was good

Alex Herrling says:

Great series. Do stuff like this more often!

Eli will says:

Good punami

MiasThatNigga says:

Damn , you can’t even play in the league ???

Calvin Sanders says:

FAM Why Sign With Colt Doee

SirDom95 says:

storyline dope, but i wanted a career as well

Doug Doug says:

Is fucked up when even yo own momma don’t support your dreams man, with her pessimist ass

jason Vargas says:

is ther a season 2

LeBron James says:

Let me tell you guys a story
So one time I was on NBA live mobile.
I earned a summer courts pro pack
When I was opening it I lost connection. So when I went back on I saw a 84 Damian Lillard on my bench and I sold it
The End

Mark Ram says:

You have to put favorite team as deadskins to get drafted by the cowboys antodaboss proved this lol

Johnnie Williams says:

Great game

GriffinMeans says:

Wish you could create a player and then have a story mode

Jayden Davis says:

Roast sessh

Beast on theblock Winkler says:

Do you get to play with him or do you get his card In MUT

Fredo6k ! says:

QJB So Trash He Really Made Devin Wade Go Undrafted

Jordan713_ says:

8:53 says redskins are on the clock but the subtitles says bills

bjebeast bertavion says:

It was more storylines than gameplays

PAY10s variety Show says:

I thought long shot would be more like career mode,and after the “long shot” show it would be like carrer mode

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