NFL COMBINE DRILLS! Madden 18 Longshot Gameplay Walkthrough Ep. 2

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Fuck says:

I haven’t purchased a madden game since 14 or 15 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Imvu : CeejayCannon says:


Russel Limbat says:

I don’t like the choices qjb is choosing

Savage Pwnage TV says:

Did anyone get confused when they said that they were driving to Dallas from Indianapolis but ended up going to Indianapolis? That makes no sense for them dudes to drive all the way to Dallas then just turn around and drive back to Indy lol.

Cj Hall says:

10:00 “pick up the phone baby”

solomon aiken says:

So we gotta play 4 long horns

burg istrash says:

almost as emotional as bosskeyyacht

Zakk Tucker says:


Just Keyan says:

Come join league if wanting.

Donyae Brown says:

Shut up L

Kevin Debem says:

NBA 2K17 VC and MT generator is available here

Mr. Succ says:

son, what is 1+1?


uhm, where did you get that from?

Madden 17.5!

Xclusive Visionz says:

You a horrible friend for not switching to help your manz

JayTha2kGod Gaming says:

Is it like a demo or its in fullgame too

Sloppy Pizza says:

“ready to impress scouts from all 32 teams”. literally 2 ppl in the stands. smh ea

Liberty Prime says:

Did they add the combine back to superstar too?

FaZe LeBron says:

Sub for a Sub?!

Zakk Tucker says:

Big shoutout to ea for sucking my cock so I’ll give ya a biased review on this game

Malcolm Jordan says:

Dang QJB got me in feels when you didn’t switch lol

MalRules All says:

these seem very easy

Amadou Ndiaye says:

I wish there was a little more control with the gameplay but other than that, game looks amazing

Myles Craig says:

William B. Travis Is in Richmond Texas c’mon EA where’s the authenticity smh

Quagmire the Creep says:

Do you get to play as Devin in Franchise after Longshot is over.

Devin Hawley says:

I just wish QJB wouldn’t entertain the bad choices much

EvEr Unfair Luck says:

I pre ordered the GOAT edition and was not sure. Now I am. thanks @QJB. #COP

jefftkey says:

Should’ve switched

Alvorda Feguson says:

Why not insult like wtf?

Javier Romo says:

Bro the guy said 1+1=3

Ted Simon says:

not a good look QJB you left your boi hanging. What the French toast.

Alvorda Feguson says:

That was wrong

Russel Limbat says:

Like idgaf about a tv show

Keyla Calvin says:

Shut up he’s the best

Glizzy Glizzy 45 says:

Yo this game mode is trash do u even get to play any games at all

Bobby reza farresy says:

All The song(soundtrack) in long shot is awesome

Ace Breao says:

So you basically play as a black Jay Cutler

Mathew Taylor says:

1 + 1 =3 Im done

Dallas Hopson says:

Who remembers Horsley

Daequan Alston says:

“Moaping on the bench with a towel on his head” is that a reference to Cam Newton???

Jules CesarTv says:

It would be cool if madden in the future let you pick which journey u wanted come up from poor upbringing and had to grind to get there or you came from football family and have a pass to NFL but have to make your own name Or a path where you went Undrafted or had a big injury and coming back or you where a first round draft pick and all had different stories like give us options instead of same generic story

Lavar Ball says:

qjb. drop “anada wan”

Deomni Pullins says:

Help him

User City 17 says:

At the end of the vid shots fired am I right

jaygaming23 jay says:

Subscribe to my channel

maddenlegend 18 says:

Qjb can you subscribe to my channel

New Man says:

Hey my name is nolan
Can you shout me out please I need subscribers please ojb

Blake Steuer says:

is the long shot money to play

BHOmbLove says:

I’m watching all these motherfuckers. Keep uploading haha

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