NFL 2k5 with updated rosters! aka NFL 2k19! Today I will be playing NFL 2k5 using 2018-2019 rosters. This NFL 2k19 gameplay features Alvin Kamara and the New Orleans saints taking on Odell Beckham and the New York giants. In this gameplay you will be seeing a lot of Saquan Barkley as well. Enjoy


D3c3ptic0n says:

I find it interesting that a lot of prominent youtubers have been pumping out old 2k football videos over the last 6-12 months.

Fuller Roberts says:

NFL fever is the OG

Brent Donhauser says:

Lol Chris Ivory was a 100 n McCoy a 84

bee Lover says:

Madden take notes.

Landen Greene says:

I want to remember give me

Bolts says:

Use the Chargers, Seahawks, or Panthers! Going to be entertaining no matter what team you use


The my crib hurt cuz I’m a cowboys fan

Octavious Lawrence says:

Wait you put Marcus kemp in your chiefs line up. That’s my cousin. He’s finally getting the recognition he deserves

Patrick McKeown says:

Play as the Steelers

Internazionale Boss says:

And 1 was the best game ever bro

j reid says:

This shit look like ps1 graphics lol I’m good madden still betterb

jamardns77 says:

I was addicted to first person bro…..used to use the ravens going crazy with Ray Lewis

Mike Tee says:

How bout them cowboys

Grayzilla 52 says:

You know somebody is tryhard when they going tryhard on madden 2k5

Jm King says:

I think you should use the saints

Thor Hoffer says:

This is worse than a mobile game commercial.

Kenny Domino says:

You should not have went against the saints that’s what you get and you picked eli manning trash ass

The Fortnite God says:


Quincy Seay says:

cowboys better

JoseCarol Martinez says:

Dude! So badass. I had that game when I was younger. And i regret giving that system and game up for a xbox. I wish ESPN never sold its right to EA. This is the best football game ever. Good job on video.

Social Aristocrats says:

Roster Spot @2:25:


Joshua Sabater says:

How’d you do the roster update?

Zack Sinclair says:

Use the Chicago Bears

jamardns77 says:

Yooooooooooo i remember this fucking main screen

BongRippin PoonTappa says:

Are you Adam Sandler’s nephew?

BoogiesMula Braquez says:

If you didn’t play this back in the day then you don’t know why madden is considered shit

kerry L says:

This was as accurate as a real game holy

Gerald Davis says:

Even to this day, the presentation and game are still amazing. 2k needs to come back with football, it would be crazy.

Mike E says:

Oh look. Copying other peoples content AGAIN.

JakeSwish23_ says:

Still dont understand how older games have more/better modes than the current games lmao

Zero SixDel says:

This Game should be on PS4, not Madden 19.

GhoST08 says:

I’d the sidelines better then Madden 19? lol I feel this has more realistic movements!!

CrazyLetsPlayHD says:

I love when I play madden 19 and randy moss is open nobody there and drops the ball so all am saying is if you want to drop the ball play madden

K Batts says:


martin castillo says:

you sound like mf sheen from jimmy neutron

fresh skywoofer says:


dan t says:

The days when the games were about the ganeolay. You know before the wanted to push things like MUT

Jahyr Molina says:

Wait didn’t he get it on ps2 but he’s playing it on the xbox

BoogiesMula Braquez says:

I feel like you never played these games before when you were young

Schmer says:


Joshua Spieker says:

Do you try to sound like Billy Madison or is it natural?

Taketha Aldridge says:


Slurpee says:

Everyone’s gonna say to do the rams nah fammmm do the bucs GO BUCS

Mikie God's Gift says:

Ravens lamar Jackson for franchise

Playbart19 says:

yo how you show a ps2 game but playing on xbox lol

Iconic_Philosopher says:

Its Crazy how this game still shits on all the new madden games

Voice of Quinn O'Quinn says:

Kamara is the best RB in the league.

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