NFL 2K Gameplay (Dreamcast)

Some Gameplay of NFL 2K for the Dreamcast.
49ers vs. Broncos


Fernando Tovar says:

are playing off an emulator or the dreamcast.

Major Scorpion says:

I am planning on buying a sega dreamcast with this game

OnoBono says:

Gives good teams the worst ratings and the Vikings are the best lol this is why Madden still exists.

Jenna Gass says:

This game was so ahead of it’s time. Still remember how amazed I was the first time I played both this and NBA2K.

Yes games have since come a long ways, but at the time these were cutting edge graphics.

Ari G says:

Looking at this game in 2018, just reminds me on this game was way ahead of its time because the game play looks amazing besides of course the graphics cause its old.

shawn hobbs says:

what the hell looks a lot more fun then madden

정학모 says:

batter then madden 2000

Angel Gutierrez says:


nikhil thomas says:

This was and still is an excellent game.Thanks for the upload.

Lionel Gatling says:

It was freaking impossible to run on here lol.

Ninerz 415 says:

I think this game was the biggest step up in gaming history..just take a look at qb club or game day..

Claude Taylor says:

RIP Phillips

A. King says:

All the players were the same height on the old 2k football games lol

Orenthal James says:

you could recover the onside kick like 80 percent of the time

Jonathan Connor says:

This may look fake now but I remember this game playing in all sams clubs and ppl would stop and think it’s a real game lol

Jaycoby Hyde says:

Go play Axis Football 17…Dave Stevens on the call!

Matab Dhillon says:

2k game is good

Zack S says:

This game is actually really good

Raymond Becraft says:

Thinking about getting a Dreamcast again, could buy one bundled with this game. Not sure if it’ll pull me away from Madden 16 though.

bayarearacing408 says:

EA paid sega/visual concept to NOT make this game anymore.. EA knew that if 2k continues to make NFL 2k.. madden would of went out of business! im piss @ EA tough. because madden sucks asss compares to where all the sports 2k are at right now


It was hard to run in here to me

Jesus Saves says:

Still amazing

Domenic Brangiforte says:

This game was so Good

therock3314 says:


The Mad Lion says:

The first video Football Game to have animation that was so real that you thought the players in the game were getting hurt on every play. To this day, I still would take a 2K game over Madden.

Jason Jerome says:

Your really good at this game.

Bender Rodriguez says:

Spin fool, spin!

Thabass says:

That loading screen tho.

Mark Worrell says:

This game was ahead of its time.

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot says:

Flat out game changer. Video game football is before and after NFL 2K in terms of presentation and gameplay. Madden had to adjust with 2001.

Issho says:

So much better than madden

JROKGaming says:

Madden 2000 was not touching this game when they came out. NFL 2K came out and changed the whole game.

Skijjy 13 says:

I totally forgot that this is when the niners still had Young, T.O., and Rice.

Juan Valdovinos says:

Better than madden 2019

Jonathan Williams says:

Intro music is kickass

Jeff Peters says:

God I loved this game… It was so damn fun. It really put the screws to Madden too, they had to up their game big time after this came out.

Steve Smith says:

1. Pick Vikings
2. Throw hail Mary to Moss repeatedly.
3. Brother breaks remote.

Armando's Custom lightsabers says:

So funny cause when I fist saw this back in the day I said wow looks so real

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