NEW Madden 19 Gameplay [4K] – Jaguars vs Bears

Madden 19 Gameplay [4K] PC Capture- Jaguars vs Bears. This is a presentation of EA Gamechangers.

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Outro by Zack Downtown – Zones

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Sam Flack says:

Same game as 18

Kevin Espinoza G says:

Maddens trash wish there was another franchise that made this game

T SMACKS says:


Will Barnett says:

O it’s just Madden 18 nothing to see here

Malcolm M says:

I haven’t played Madden since 2010 on PS3. This looks like the same ol crappy engine and animations from EA smh

Hussle Deayee says:

Graphics really look terrible lol 2k football had graphics this good when they made the game.

Jonathan Thompson says:

Bro Madden needs a new fuckin scoreboard I’m getting tired of this lame ass design

JConvict says:

This is the exact same gameplay as the last few years, I’m done with Madden and EA. You’re an idiot if you buy Madden this year.

Brandon Leblanc says:

Copy and paste ass game now go pay 100 + dollars EA BEEN SAD

raiderzsoldier740 says:


Jacob Roque says:

I’m tired of seeing everybody getting on EA abt the game when they probably haven’t even played it. And the NFL 2k5 comparisons are stupid. That’s in the past so get over it

William Gilmore says:

Can you please make a game with just game audio and none of your commentary.!!

Joe Jones says:

Madden 99.10

Donald Mcrae says:

Da Natural back with some fire content

/ Boogle / says:

Do 49ers gameplay #jimmygaroppolo

mnoell35 says:

Bruh, I cannot let you get away with saying Blake “The Goat” Bortles. C’mon man. You know better than that. Imma snatch ya football card.

Earl says:

What is that animation #21, on the first TD? Horrible…

Charlie Wallack says:

Blake “the GOAT” Bortles?!? Did you just start watching football last year?!?

sandeep pilly says:

Microtransactions should be ruled out dumb ea!

Not For Long says:

I had to give you a like for that line at 1:01

AnUrbanMonkey says:

First 46 seconds, and a bum Bears receiver breaks the tackle of two of the best secondary players in the NFL, in the rain. Glad to see Madden did nothing to fix the unrealistic bullshit that ruins this game. Thanks for showing me not to buy this!

Mikael Piedade says:

Without a title, i would think this was just a normal Madden 18 gameplay…..

kyle nat says:

Guys the jerseyes still dont get dirty

TheBmarshall15 says:

Every last one of their jerseys are clean af??? In what world is this possible?

Chris Taylor says:

0:41 Same animation driven bullcrap. 1:11, the Left MLB runs to the complete opposite side of the field rather than playing his gap (a concept that they preach to have had implemented over the last couple of years). 1:42 what in the world is this alignment on defense? 2:30 who is the safety trying to cover? I’m constantly seeing safeties playing 10+ yards over the receivers and not being able to break on the ball.2:58 watch the nickel corner covering the Y receiver, just freezes and turns his back to the play, allowing the WR to come wide open. 3:33…. no words. 4:54 uhh… nobody going to cover anyone? This game is horrendous.

Bradley W says:

0:54 graphics look terrible

Duval County says:


Jack McCormick says:

Ive seen a lot of really good madden 19 gameplay videos but the gameplay in this video was completely unrealistic and terrible.

Xyphor says:

Looks like shit


Bortles is a mobile quarterback I haven’t seen you around with him one time

Lo Daughtry says:

That Gameday 2001 rain..

sandeep pilly says:

There you go the best optimized version of Madden is back pc baby yeah Developers can step up their game!

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