New Gameplay Today – Madden NFL 19

Game Informer’s Matthew Kato, Jeff Cork, and Ben Hanson talk about Kato’s review for the latest Madden from EA and Tiburon and show off Longshot mode gameplay and much more.


Seth C says:

They run like they’re in Scooby-Doo

christian Poke says:

I can’t wait. I’ve been reading about Madden 19 in the Gameinformer issue. I can’t wait to play

Barry G. says:

So… sounds like you guys need a sports guy to cover games like this?

Alexander Schmidt says:

This review is pretty terrible it’s like a review for somebody who’s never even played a football game ever!

ThatGuyThatGames24 says:

impossible to tell this apart from the 3 previous maddens

brievolz84 says:

The animations for this game just look terrible. You can see the AI snap it’s attention to where the ball is; it’s super jarring and not smooth at all!!

MattSm00th says:

Can’t wait to get my hands on madden nfl 19

Sci Fi Cowboy says:

how it’s a football while you are not even touching the ball with foot?

shadow gamer 93 says:

I hated long shot

Tannet Kowalkowski says:

Hopefully franchise is fun to play this year

Big-G NY. says:

They need to go back to polygon graphics Frostbite is not working for them.

Joe Jones says:

Im sad to say…but for the first time in 11 years straight of buying madden, i will not be buying madden this year. They put no effort in this game. Only in ultimate team where they make $.

Oskar Von Reuenthal says:

I bought madden 15 as my first ever madden game after getting into the NFL… the game looks exactly the same lmao…

Emerson B says:

I like the new DB stances

Fla Boi says:

Like any other Sports Game Ex.) FIFA MLB NHL, usually minor changes or new characters The physics need a rework and more realism the graphic look like The first Xbox one Madden Disappointed

Tetonattori SC says:

Vaginal Crease

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