New AMONKHET Commander Gameplay with NFL Player Cassius Marsh & Mel Li | Game Knights 6 l MtG

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Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Cassius Marsh joins the show along with former Magic: the Gathering story team member Mel Li.

Wizards of the Coast gave us early access to some of the new legendary creatures from Amonkhet, so the knights are going toe-to-toe with exciting decks built around Samut, Temmet, Neheb and Hapatra.

Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!!

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Bozz Lightyr says:

nice Josh won. he’s always repping my favourite colour

Elijah Paden says:

Propaganda + the Monarch LoL

Jjdude101 says:

Such a great match! Took me a whole day to watch between work and pausing to review all the cards but I can’t wait for more episodes!

Nucleius says:

What brand are those light blue dice I see all over the board? Cassius used one to randomize his Kozilek attack.

Darkreva MTG says:

“you should be pre-ordering”…lost a little respect for you all. you know as well as we do, thats a surefire way to loose money

robert coen says:

Love the game play videos and the players all around the world ^^.

The Command Zone says:

FIRST! 😉 We’ve got a ton of stuff for this episode, so here’s a nifty checklist to get you started:
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5. Make sure to check out the newest episode of The Command Zone where we break down Josh’s Hapatra deck:

182music says:

More episodes with Mel please!

seppe raeymaekers says:

game knights with the manasource will be fun

jereme ruffner says:

is that a fallen Sky Sovereign in the background of the playmat?

Alola Ash says:

Awesome video, and would love one of the playmats signed by Cassius. #12man

dane henson says:

Next video some one should use a mayeal the anima deck

Andres Santeliz says:

this is like BuzzFeed playing Magic

cixmen77 says:

Why did Smuggler’s copter attack when linvala was in the board?

rush1231 says:

Loving this series.
It would be really cool to see Wedge or some of the Star City guys like Steven Green or Justin Parnell on GK. The ultimate for me would be David McDarby; I hear he’s working for Wizards now.
Thanks so much Josh and Jimmy.

Firegod619 says:

Cassius was super chill and good. Really awesome guest.

Joe Jones says:

Great job with the show guys! That was a very “swingy” game! If you are ever in Calgary AB give me a shout and I’ll set up a Commander night for ya!

MyrGalvin says:

I would like to point out at 7:35 when Wickerbough Elder is played, his -1/-1 counter does not trigger Hapatra’s snake effect. Her ability only triggers when a counter is placed onto a creature already in play, whereas Wickerbough Elder, as well as Persist creatures, enter the battlefield with the counter(s) already on them. Similar to Graft creatures that exist as 0/0s, but come in with +1/+1 counters, they never touch the board as a 0/0.

Devin Farrington says:

Glad to see one of my favorite commanders, Balthor, getting some love!

jdsgfser says:

I know i’m late but at 20:55 she crewed with Linvala on board?

The Utilitarian says:

How did he cast crypt ghast? Isn’t it black white?

Company Channel says:

Are you coming to momocon or awa in Atlanta

Semía Mendez says:

Maybe I missed it Jimmy, but did you not gain life with Sangromancer for every card you had someone discard?

TheCyberguy101 says:

Craterhoof, so much skill! (NOT)

rush1231 says:

Loving this series.
It would be really cool to see Wedge or some of the Star City guys like Steven Green or Justin Parnell on GK. The ultimate for me would be David McDarby; I hear he’s working for Wizards now.
Thanks so much Josh and Jimmy.

Antonio Sousa says:

So, that temmet missed every possible trigger?

Tyler Boland says:

Loving the Hapatra engine. This was a really fun game and each deck (even Jimmy’s after his slow start) had a chance to shine.

MTGGeeksGaming says:

It’s against the rules of MTG to play with your lands infront of your permanents. just saying.

TheLocoreaper says:

When Terminus was played, Hapatra should’ve moved with all the other cards to the bottom. Command zone replacement effect sadly only happens with exile or going to the graveyard, hence in this case, he should have lost his commander.

gaston c says:

good watch. keep it up!

Ricardo Ribeiro says:

this series is getting way too awesome… Keep with the awesome work guys!!

Christopher Schade says:

i was so lucky to get hapatra in my one extra pack at the prerelease.

Troy Turner says:

question I have opal palace which is a land card it’s second ability says pay any to add one any color that is part of my commander identy if I cast my commander he gets +1,+1 but says only if do use that mana for him but I need the mana for a spell in my hand and I was told it only works for the commander only I would be happy to have a answer thank for the vids there great.

Riley Dunn says:

Whoever’s apartment you guys play at it looks sweet!!

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