My Offense EXPOSED In Madden NFL 18 Gameplay! Who’s a BUM & Who’s Not? Find OUT Free MUT 18 Tips Now

In this video I talk about My Offense EXPOSED In Madden NFL 18 Gameplay! Who’s a BUM & Who’s Not? Find OUT Free MUT 18 Tips Now

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Game: Madden NFL 18 PS4 Pro/Xbox One S

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robert hackel says:

Preach my brother

Triggered Feminism says:

Does anyone know what the cheapest kicker that can make a 50 yard field goal for the gauntlet?

MrXPOY says:

I had like 650k before blitz promo. And I must have messed up I have 23k and only like 38 NTL tokens

Jason Taylor says:

His synopsis about why we rage now wad spot on

ItsSeahawks 25 says:

Still is 82 overall with 77 cit

Icebubblw ice says:

Bro i fw your vids

Cesar Flores says:

Bro use some of these totw and other promo players as they come out. I swear this game works better when dudes are bought and sold I’m not sure why but that’s just how shit has been from my experience.

Jose Perez says:

I wanna donate some turkey to you

Trilldaddy w/ Cartier says:

91 Zone does not matter

Tatzy FC says:

Eric allen and josh norman are soooooo good, easily best corners in the game

Dee Banks says:

The exact same top 3

internal thoughted1 says:

Imma keep it 1000 with you bro I spent 300000 on Norman and I don’t regret he’s been making some good plays for me that other corners def wouldn’t make don’t be scared of that 89 speed because his height and acceleration make up for it

Wyatt Smith says:

most feared larry fitz doesnt drop shit

Adam Hicks says:

I need a good defensive playbook and someone that will squad up i have 0 squad games played

2Kings1Kanal says:

I’d really like you to try Josh Norman man

James Jones says:

I agree most feared Larry Fitzgerald is great
Thank you for the honesty

ny_kia31 says:

I got a user 1 on 1 agg catch with Irvin 1st game out. Im sold for life lol

Robert Tamayo says:

yea Barber is a hit or miss 
can be a bum at times

Madden18 Boi says:

I want Vick should I get him

Cope WhyFy says:

So, how do different coaches affect the game?and which coach is the best? How do you get him?

Wesley Gary says:

Crack chem long as he keep it out tha locker room I’m dead man much love

David Legends says:

i think Andrew luck is the best core elite qb what about yall?

Adam Hicks says:

I just started watching your videos bro and im hooked you really break everything down and i have learned alot from your videos

FMJ Kids says:

to activate my chemistry you should hit generate best line up right and go to harvest chemistry but it won’t let me hit generate best it says n/a – salary cap what do i do?

warrior raven says:

Has anyone had a problem where your d-end keeps getting drawn offsides if ur opponent tries a fake snap? Even with pass rush on balanced

Trump The Fraud says:

I wasted $250 on this game because black Friday no More EA fuck you EA

HollyweedCA says:

This is why I never focused on high priced WRs. I just pay attention to 91+route running and some speed. I still believe FB Edelman is the best deal in the game . Not gonna lie though I am loving my TOTW Keenan Allen don’t regret paying the high price .

Malabul says:

Bruh this is so tru madden needs to base it off the NFL real life

Austin James says:

Is rg3 straight trash ?

Adam Hicks says:

I dont really understand what the silver yeam tokens are for or how to use them i have 2 right now lol no clue whato to do with em??

Brady McNulty says:

Yo I played this guy in top 100 and I lost the game bc Freddy b dropped the ball on 4the with no like 29 seconds left so ya he is a bum

Deu2e Nene says:

Lmao Mike on crack!!

Cesar Flores says:

California Love. Do more live gameplay here

Nick V says:

Bannned in the afterlife, that’s good shit, love your vids especially your commentary

slime 305 says:

michael irvin be catching everything for me

danny edward says:

ik u will disregard this but u need Newman bro I run w him used every corner everyone is a bum I got newsman than Ramsey turkey day and slay but hero those are the best cbs in the game

jason cantalice says:

Your videos are great… I am done spending money on this game..

Dutt Dutt says:

Tbh every card in the game is an absolute bum. Maybe not at first but after 2 weeks every card Issa bum

Reuben Perez says:

Who’s the best RBs in MUT?

William______ says:

I don’t know why they don’t catch the ball for you but on Xbox they catch everything. Through body and hit sticks

Jackson Brookins says:

Gmia what type of offense do you run? Is it run first or pass first or balanced

MK&Injustice God says:

Bro Gmias you only spit facts bro idk why people go against you

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