Madden NFL 19 Snow Gameplay! Patriots vs Raiders – Tuck Rule Part 2?

Madden NFL 19 Snow Game! Patriots vs Raiders – Tuck Rule Part 2??? This video is presented by EA Game Changers.

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Jamal Bledsoe says:

The man D looks OP af

Ryan Canavan says:


SuperhelterYNWA says:

Fuck this shit. EA need to fuck off…. NFL need to fuck EA off. Pathetic.

chillcat43 says:

Need new fumble animations

mr198221 says:

Still no Dave Simms doing PBP. That sucks.

RED DOG says:

Same dam game no better snow effects they really know how to kill a game totally the last i purchase

Michael Mitchell says:

Um the Tuck Rule hasn’t been a rule since 2013

Da IImbiir Youtube says:

Trick plays?

Adrian Hernandez says:

This can’t be real.

MaddenFootball Talk says:

EA is convinced absolutely that the gamers who run back each year are morons. 1000% invested in a group of simpletons. No offense but they’re playing you. Spit and polish and everyone’s happy. MUT will bring in an additional 400 dollars per gamer on top of the 90 dollars right from the get go. Possibly 700per.. with those odds why the fuk would they change .. Or improve…the simpletons will buy good or bad. Simple statistics.

Vipey1 says:

1:43 lol wtf?? Talking about doing stuff in the hotel room

Randy Davis says:

Not much has changed with the gameplay from what I can see. I did notice a couple of new tackling animations


what does “tuck rule” mean,any1?

kid savi gaming tv says:

Raiders suck

Brandon Davis says:

So nobody has a neck in this game and they run like they have to poop. Great.

Daniel Thomas says:

Is this Madden 18? The announcer said Ryan Switzer is a rookie. Switzer was a rookie last season with the Cowboys!

Jr Smith says:

Graphics bring back the wii vibes with huge oversized shoulder pads

sandeep pilly says:

still early tell us in August when the game is complete! whatever with these videos!

david g says:

Is there a reason they cant make it snow hard like the old days?? Visibility probs etc….remember u used to be able to set intensity of FALLING snow on 2K.

Betty GlitchtaleProductions says:

Are you sure this is madden 19. Looks a lot like Madden 17 and 18. The running looks real stiff

BornOnTheWestCoast says:

I don’t like how they made the shoulder pads bigger/higher where it looks like they have no neck. The new running animation is so weird. I don’t know why they made the helmet size the same for everybody. In the NFL, people get their helmet costumized to fit there head, I understand Switzer is like 5’8, but you don’t have to make it look like its way to big

They should spend a few years working on Madden to make it a whole lot better, because didn’t NBA live do that once

RED DOG says:

If not for GTA. COD, an 2K playstation and xbox would be shit guess gaming is dying fast

mr198221 says:

Looks like another year of just going 4 the Trophies/Achievements……

Aaron Clark says:

Snow still look like Madden 18 it be cool if they upgrade snow in new madden

mr198221 says:

Why do you play on All-Madden difficulty? The A.I. cheats like DOGS to poorly simulate difficulty.

Jesse Rivera says:

Looks exactly the same

Randy Davis says:

The player model shoulder pads look too big and bulky.

kenny esmailian says:

Running is too stiff

Shawn Greene says:

I thought the patriots were rated 84. They run weird

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