MADDEN 19 REVIEW – Despite the new additions of the locomotion system and upgrades to popular modes, will Madden again face criticism for basically releasing Madden 18.5, or will Madden 19 truly be a game of its own?


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Kaymen Carroll says:

Don’t worry when it updates it might fix the issues

Renegade Gaming says:

Really took a step backwards with gameplay it feels soo clunky.

Thomas Latraille says:

Am I the only one who beats an offensive lineman, (I use 49ers Deforest Buckner) and then he stops moving he kind of just leans over awkwardly

OldGangsta Rapper says:

The play-angles are odd… we can’t see the plays develop… there are too many other things wrong with M19… oh, and the announcers say things that have nothing to do with the action… I was playing in Atlanta, and the Announcer said something about we’re at Soldier Field! Sorry, that’s Chicago! This is an ugly game.

Al Depantchu says:

All of this is done on purpose. It is all to make scoring and moving the ball harder. Nothing wrong with that. You want realism? Then you want defensive games where its not just a score fest every game.

Ced 214 says:

I’m glad you start as a Cowboy by default

Wayne Grant says:

Keep your $60.

Montez Harris says:

The commentary even sounds bad smh.

KOLBY says:

Btw I would give it a 7.5 but Bc it is literally about the same game just new things to MUT and like 1 or 2 new stuff to franchise I would give it a 6.7

FlyRedMoney 84 says:

Long shot is weak

Brian Durant says:

I need actual live pictures half time shows and cheerleaders I mean don’t they deserve the spotlight also cmon you gamer designers act like you think like kids I need to feel like I’m watching TV also the Longshot has live commentaries but the game doesn’t cmon give us a real halftime I could keep going.

Johnny Bolt says:

Your RB is a magnet to the D-Line

Mike Rogers says:

Why is it so hard to catch the fucking ball??? And oline blocking really sucks

King Penn says:

Well in 1 of the older madden games at halftime they use to show you highlights from other games….madden needs cheerleaders on the sideline or at least in the in zone areas, a mascot for each team would be good.
When a player gets hit hard they should limp or lay on the ground for a bit.
Weather should also be better, maybe its pouring rain that lightens up during the game…
Crowed: why not record 10 or more different soundtracks of a teams fans cheering during a live football game, these effects should be for each teach playing at home, it would give a more realistic feel to the game and would be the same crowd noise each game…they should really involve sound effects from the fans.

Robert Stottlemyer says:

I hate this game. It looks like shit. The players on the sidelines still look like trash. The commentary is garbage. Why don’t we have multiple commentary options?

Joshua Huntley says:

I wish 2k made more football games..that 2k5 was lit!! It’ll probably get the madden game status, because there’s tru competition. Jus imagined if there was a NFL 2K19??!!?..BRING FIGHT NIGHT BACK TOO. TIRED OF MMA

B Dog says:

Jesus I’m never buying a madden game at release ever again.

W Radford says:

Stop buying this shit…

kid vicious says:

Looks like it sux, same game as last yr

Joshua Williams says:

Madden 19 Review : Basically the same shit

Yomamas Daddy says:

I’ve bought my copy the day it was released for the last 15 years. That shit ends now, done. Not buying another madden EVER


The fact that I have to play for the Cowboys in Longshot means that I won’t be participating in that mode.

Lose Intel says:

Why are the players back to being massive? Tyreek Hill doesn’t look fucking close to that. Madden 19 had farrrr better player body models.

Montez Harris says:

The need to bring Blitz back. Fuck the bullshit lol

Kayle Thompson says:

Why is the down field blocking still shit!

HOZAY says:

This is the complete same game but with different game colors and features that can easily be added throughout the year if EA will listen to the community. Im so done with the madden series. Garbage game with money a whoring company running it.

OG 73 says:

Just a new interface nothing special

Battlered 713 says:

Madden coming out is my Christmas every year! Love football season! Grab some beer get online and talk some shit!!!! Texans all day! Xbox one who wants it????

D M says:

Yes but can you take a knee?

shadowbrothers2 says:

I’ll wait untill red dead 2!

Josh Gonzalez says:

When r u ever going to be able to create a play

Teebiskit says:

I wanted to get this game but these graphics still look like they’re from Sega Dreamcast. I’ll pass. Madden is never gonna be a good game as long as they have the rights. If 2K sports were able to make a football game it’d blow Madden out the water and force EA to step their game up.

Jackson N says:

Madden has been the same exact game for about 8 years it feels like. Nothing new just reskinned. The most annoying thing imo is how slow in game mechanics are like loading screens. When doing challenges it is unbearable

cmack1000 says:

This game legitimately sucks. Glad I saved my money this year rather then wasting it on a preorder

Kaymen Carroll says:

Spoiler:Hank passed away on long shot and colt cruise is the couch now

Marshall Williams says:

So basically they added sprinkles to vanilla ice cream, and are expecting us to shell out another $60 for nothing of substance. Hard pass for me this year

Official DramaSydE says:

yeah, sticking with 18, tired of the same game every year!

Sports Gamers Online says:

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Mclain Bolf says:

don’t you mean like releasing madden 15 because the games are the same every year and refuse to fix the glitches and problems that this subpar game series has had in the past 10 years.

Mal Mal says:

Bring back NCAAF I AM WILLING TO PAY 119.99 OR MORE anyone who agrees like this post bring back NCAAF

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