Madden NFL 19 Review

Madden NFL 19 finds a new foundation for football gameplay on the back of its feel-good player handling.

The Most Ridiculous Fumble in Madden ’19

Madden ’19 – Making a Crazy Touchdown on 4th Down

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Harvey Watson-Lynch says:

What happened to my career?

Ronin Editor says:

I literally haven’t bought a football since since ESPN 2K5, the best football game of all time and EA knew it so they bought out any competition.

Manguy_YT says:

Don’t ever trust IGN’s madden reviews look what camera angle they use

Austin Harger says:

0:50 wow he didn’t miss the field goal this time…

Kino Zomby says:

Hey guys PlayStation Store is doing madden, nhl, fifa and nba 19 for £73 .. I’m only interested in fifa and somewhat in nhl .. is it worth getting this bundle?

IHIavok says:

I use to love playing Madden (more so NCAA) back in the day. Around like 2005 or so…
Looking to pick one of the games back up and is it just me (It has to just be me or something) or do the animations (not graphics) look about the same as they’ve always have? Stiff… While the roster and some game mechanics have changed, along with better graphics throughout the years…. The animation seems to have stayed the same, if not gotten worse???

Gac951 says:

It’s on sale with fifa 19. I thinks its a fair price.

Daveon97 says:

Which Madden is the best? I’m new fan of football : )

John Furrh says:

Can you play without online services?

Brad Knowles says:

Is it worth playing, even if it’s free?

Rb6 For life says:

What I don’t get is how bad the graphics look compared to 18

Matt Visconti says:

If you keep buying madden games, i hate to break it to you but you are a moron

Joe Claring says:

Problems with madden. Ai cheats. Ai don’t help u. Glitch plays on booths sides. Too many cheese players. Only users fumble, drop passes n have their mob not pick 3 ing per game. Pick one q.v. spy or cover d.

mdub1303 says:

Literally deleted this and reinstalled 17 because 17 is more realistic than this piece of trash game

Dangerous J says:

So this is better than doom?

Young Apollo says:

Do they still have linebackers jumping 20 ft for interceptions or corners getting a random burst of flash speed?

Jacob Icard says:

Does anyone else feel like the players are alot slower

Universal M3M3Z says:

Just to remind you, this got a higher score than rainbow six siege.

Connor Kolb says:

Madden is so bad, franchise is so rigged and sim is horrible

Awsome Ipad Gaming says:

This madden is honesty way better than madden 18. The player movements are noticeably different, the , pass, catch, tackle and run animations are different. Maybe a new scoreboard and commentary system would make this game the best one in a while

BriKiz04 says:

I liked the longshot story mode. Maybe just me.

Austin Culver says:

Real player motion? It looks the same as Madden 25 and that came out in 2013. I bought Madden 18 last year and it felt like the exact same game as Madden 25 just with a roster update despite coming out 4 years later. Madden is dead to me.

Ryan campbell says:

i love nick foley

aquaphazed says:

IGN lost so much credibility in 2018

Generation Tech says:

I thought Garoppolo was going to go for the corner of the endzone get trucksticked and tear his acl

Jack Raczek says:

This review is a joke. Every time I run the ball my runner just stands there

Peterkaboomi Train says:

It’s the same darn thing

holden3315 says:

they feel and look like robots plzzzz bring back the feel of the ps2 games… this is horrid

Dankus Memus says:

Hey IGN, you want the gaming community to take you seriously? Stop shilling out.

Bryan Chan says:

I love the49ers

StentastiK says:

NFL 2K5!! > MADDEN 19…. 2K still wins 14 years later!! EA Sports got scared and bought the whole NFL rights. In 2020 I believe that will change.

Lili Liulamaga says:

Do they have pro bowl?

Joey JoJo Joestar Junior Shabadoo says:

2004 is still the best Madden ever, that’s where it peaked. It all went down hill from there.

KingEdwards says:

I’d rather play Rugby or wait for EA to revisit their Rugby series.

Rob E says:


Maddenplaya 4 says:

This game is awful and I love madden Shame

Stw3art14 says:

Opening clip summarizes this game perfectly

SportsGamingCubing says:

Ign you need to stop reviewing sports games


1:47 though

Jase Wl says:

without mentioning Micro transactions
once in this video proves why no one should trust IGN.

Stephen Goggin says:

Worst madden ever why are there no penalty’s on online play


Well considering I don’t buy sports games often. I’ll probably pick this up since it’s on sale on ps4. Haven’t had a madden game since on ps3 from the gamestop bargain bin.

Vincent Jackson says:

Will there ever be another NFL franchise again.. Madden has gotten so stale.. Enough already..

Eric says:

Running still looks incredibly awkward

Anthony Kelsie says:

Madden is so much better than left for dead 1 and 2

Trevor Labay says:

The game would be fine if the players didnt run so wonky i was perfectly fine with how they ran in madden 18 and tbh i might play 18 over 19 simply because of how they look while running

Scopez Playz says:

A game where all you do is spin is worth an 8.9 okay

Gear MAN says:

Give konami rights to all sport games. Don’t @ me

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