Madden NFL 19 Review

Madden NFL 19 nails the controls, Franchise gets more attention, and Longshot returns with a memorable story.

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The biggest game for “casual” gamers. Hxc gamers it’s not for you. It’s sports.

Akihito007 says:

But does it come with a player option to disrespect the National Anthem and call the American flag a “symbol of systematic racism” like the real NFL???

Wayne Grant says:

EA upped its game with NBA live because they had to because of NBA 2k series. As long as Madden is the only game in town they are gonna slap another athlete on the cover and ship it out…

Yomamas Daddy says:

Terrible game, one of the worst maddens ever. Madden vet who dates back too 2001 elementary school day gaming. Last madden I’m buying and I’ve never missed a release date in over 15 years. When is this deal between EA and the NFL over with anyway? Can we give 2k a shot? Or is ea gonna just ball hog it for a quarter century pump out a remastered product year after year and get rich? Ea is scared of 2k, they know if they got the ball they’d pump out a product 10x no 20x fuck it 100x better than them. Fuck EA

JAFG58 says:

I cant even stunt we talk crap every year about what they havent done…but they made some improvements this year with the player movement THE DBS be in on EVERYTHING!!

Robert Stottlemyer says:

Hate Brandon gawden and Charles Davis and johnathan coachman.

For $60 there should be 6 different commentary teams you can choose from, teams including Tony romo, John madden and snoop dogg

David Link says:

Ea don’t know how to make a proper football game. Throw the ball hit a player and they don’t even attempt to catch it. Fumble the will get it but it doesn’t pick it up and goes into an animation. Can throw prefect all game and out of no where it is pick after pick. Player could be catching all game and 4th quarter drop every pass. I could be playing a shit team and somehow they are going toe-to-toe with me

Tyler McGrath says:

Ive played for a few days now and im already bored. How about creating an actual myplayer mode? You know, combine and get drafted. One can only dream for that for the most popular sport in this country. The tackling is weird, ball carriers are falling in the most awkward positions possible. Its pretty much same shit different year.

MakeUFumble says:

Major flaws in this game. Blocking is terrible Dline has the advantage

Top Dawgg Gaming says:

Don’t buy this game everybody just spams the eagles online

Kevyn Battle says:

EA is paying gamespot

Alina Perez says:

so basically ……… you can juke…………2018…… can juke……..

Seung-Jeun Kang says:

I just don’t even know where to begin. EA (Excited Accountants) just does not care about this game. Every year it’s smoke and mirrors to confuse people, adding new features and controls instead of fixing what is really wrong with the game. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good stuff happening in this game, but it gets over-shadowed by the stuff that breaks the realism of a having a franchise or shatters the immersion of even just playing a single game in the Play Now mode. I’ve stopped playing 19 already and have gone back to 17.

Blue says:

I swear, I owned Madden 18. And the features that this guy promotes. The strafing was in madden 17.

Wayne Grant says:

Look let’s stop… Update the rosters ever year and charge us $9.99 and be done with it

Dominick Majors says:

I don’t see why people who know they won’t like or buy the game click on these videos. It’s a sports game, not much is going to radically change outside of the roster. So if you already one these games, you’ll probably still like the new ones and their incremental progress, and if you already like to shit on Madden, then you’re only here to be annoying since you know you won’t like it

Toy Gains says:

Major review sites undoubtedly don’t have a sports fan in the building. So as a casual sports fans eye I can see someone blindly giving this an 8 or above. Truth is it’s more like a 6. It’s not very good.

Sluttyboy Kel says:

Fucking Lies

khennagin says:

Dude are you being paid to do this review? I dont thing you have played this game before..

vistalite 78 says:

this game is a joke BRING BACK 2KKKKKKKKKKKK

Actorsstudio2777 says:

I miss NCAA football

CynicalBurns says:

Reviews Madden 18.5

Wayne Grant says:

Ea just doesn’t care anyone. They have no competition and so they have no reason to change. I will not spend $60 this year no way!!!!!!!!

Hugh Janus says:

Real player motion is fucking shit

Brian Williams says:

Y’all literally say the same shit every single year foh

The Prodigal Son says:

Madden 19 is fucking ass lmfao I swear everyone jogs and runs half ass plays. The AI determines who wins and loses games not the players! Lame!

michael murphy says:

Ima madden fan love the games this is a improved version of madden 18 with some OP defense lol the running game is like non existent kid, def 8.5 outta 10

Billy Lockard says:


Diren Capulcu says:

The single Madden game i owned as well as played was Madden NFL 2004. I reinstalled it back again a week ago. Apart from the graphics which looks awkward these days, the game feels quite entertaining. On the other hand, i planned to purchase the most recent game of the series which returned to the PC realm. However, was unable to have it yet due to plenty of frustrating reasons of my own.

Pitt-Nation says:

Haven’t seen it yet but they better give it a 4 or less.

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