Madden NFL 19 NEW Halftime Show! Madden 19 Presentation Deep Dive

Madden 19 Halftime Show! Madden NFL Presentation Deep Dive. Full Story:

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Clip Courtesy of MillgsGamingTV:

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Outro by Justin Rarri:

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ploftin93 says:

This is the best news about Madden I’ve heard in years!

Kalashnikov MCMLXXX says:

Recycled trash but now with a halftime show? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Paul N. says:

Fuck a halftime show. How about better and upgraded tackle and ball swat animations. Madden adds unneeded stuff, but ignores the main issues.

Greg C says:

They need nfl 2k20 back

MakeUFumble says:

Means nothing if you can’t watch it during Franchise

Daniel Albig says:

This doesn’t show shit. Not impressed as of yet. I’m from the show me state.

ReX 793 says:

I cant wait to play it on PC so many years for the wait

Jeffrey Abbey says:

Madden is crap

There’s no building block to anything in Madden

They put in a feature

They take it out

They bring back old features

There’s no building upon what 4th they have that does work well or what the people what

Madden 20 will be a copy and paste of Madden 19 without 3rd celebrations

Madden can’t even get sideline environment on par.

EA needs to stop skimping on their product. They need better developers period

Thanks for the info and content but this game is crap


“Well guss i got my eyes on the 2 quarterbacks” any1 know which madden this from?

FNL 4EVA says:

Done with madden sick of the con game

JHunter Group LLC says:

What about creating a player anything new?

Nathan Manies says:

Nobody cares about halftime. We skip that shit anyways

Legendkilla05 says:

#1 For the Sports Gamer like my daddy always said everyone says their #1! Lol

Jacob Schwartz says:

I hope these clowns aren’t announcing next years game, they are both so incredibly obnoxious and annoying

Brian Emanuel says:

Still sucks. Haven’t bought Madden in years and don’t plan on it

Marvin Garriss says:

I like that video hope we will see some live gameplay video soon

Mike Love Thyself says:

Still not impressed

Mykhael Williams says:

so it will show any game at any time in franchise any where for halftime

patriots nation says:

Going back to franchise info, I’m shock they didn’t talk about injuries when that so much apart of the NFL

Chief says:

Can they at least change the score board before release

Nate Freeman says:

Will there be highlights from other games played around the league in addition to your own highlights?? #NFL2K5

Superhigh O'z says:

I been saying there should be a half time show for years

Omasha Brantley says:

Ehh. ESPN NFL 2k came out 13 years ago and have highlights for halftime show and the little thing with boomer. That shit was awesome. I can do without this little halftime thing they got


Finally a halftime where can I have time to eat

Ricky Ace says:

I’m in Madden mode #maddenNFL19

KINGN248 says:

what instrumental you using? I know the song, I can’t get the name out though!

Explore Your mind says:

Can we get highlights of other games, nfl2k had it and here we are in madden 19 and still nooo…………

J.J. Carr says:

What’s the girl from the thumbnail’s @? For… research purposes.

Jeffrey Abbey says:

EA needs to follow what the guys who make MLB the SHOW series

And LEARN what the environment and presentation brings to a sports game

Madden will NEVER get it right

They are the COPY AND PASTE company

Saucy mare i says:

Why ea sports make live good but Madden trash

Danilo Almeida says:

Gráfico do madden 25!

brinafees says:

2k8 all pro football halftime still great

brinafees says:

Still looking for more field wear and tear like fifa soccer

joseph arrisicato says:

Madden 19 a step in the right direction but another year that i will pass.

N-D-R THE ambASSador of the YOUTUBE Community says:

They should move the score bord in the corner like college football

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