Madden NFL 19 New Equipment Playbook

Madden 19 New Equipment Playbook . This is a presentation of EA Gamechangers.

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J P says:

Lol lets worry about equipment instead of gameplay lol

Nolan S says:

still want my binky mouthpiece

Sports Gamers Online says:

Let me know what you think about the equipment added in Madden 19. I will have a more detailed video covering the new additions as well as more Madden 19 Gameplay and Tips coming soon so subscribe and turn your notifications ON so you don’t miss it.

Dion Berger says:

madden is trash they try to improve every year just make it perfect each title hell

Jay v snagging says:

Has EA thought about putting the Schutt F7 in Madden 19

Jerrard Hunter says:

Still no mouth guard mouth piece.

Todd L. Chatman says:

I’m gonna enjoy using all of it after my first season to hook up the rookies after the draft.I’m very pleased with this.Thanks.

TAX1 DR1VER says:


AustinJay03Dude 147 says:

No new helments

Slim Tac says:

What about all the new Jordan cleats I would love to have those

Nicholas Andrew Salazar says:

Hopefully Madden 19 will be realistic: cause i do not wanna be playing steelers in ranked games and see a LB that can not play currently getting ints in Ryan Shazier. Love Ryan Shazier as a buckeye fan: but he should not be allowed to be used in ranked games: unless we know for sure he is returning. Got no problem using Ryan Shazier is ultimate team and franchise mode: but as far as ranked games goes he should have the injury sign on him and not be allowed to be subed in much how like they did for Dallas with randy Gregory last year.

jay kc says:

Need cutters gloves

WhySo says:


Joe Jones says:

Wheres alvins sleeves. And where TF are mouthpieces.

Garrett Racine says:

I’m happy that there is more stuff to add to my player. I think that this is going to be a GREAT game, and I can’t wait for this to come out

Jackal Beck says:

No new helmets? ☹

Mannie Fresh says:

Bro no mouth guards lolz I’m done with Madden…. And i Iove Madden smh

ignacio barajas says:

Wheres the neck rolls and neck pads

Extra Medium says:

Specific players should have specific gear. Like Wentzs Padded arm sleeve, they just give him the base sleeve. Give Kamara His Arm tape.

tchyacinth says:

Wentz’s helmet is too small

Jon Zheng says:

lol clickbaited me w that marlon humphrey

JaysWorld says:

I couldn’t care less about 1 less bar on a helmet or a slightly different pattern on my player’s cleats when we still have no tattoos on the majority of players and players don’t even wear mouthpieces/mouthguards. Trash ass game, give 2K the rights already. The leadership is falling apart at the seams at EA Sports, but their ego doesn’t let them actually take the community’s feedback and apply it. They’d rather just add a few new cleats, and abandon every mode that doesn’t require you to spend $500 in micro-transactions to be successful. It’s a joke.

David Sanchez says:

Baggy arm sleeves

Dick White says:

Towel in the back?

SavageGamerTM !!!!! says:

They should add that mouthpiece that covers your whole mouth

iceman4311 says:

I wana see the cowboy collars and the neck collar the tackle from the redskins wear. Or even the old school bryan cox joint

Ashton Tong says:

Carson wents faces mask is not rare

1747CT says:

Bring back the pro bowl

IAJ3 says:

Stuff that should’ve been added just like how 2K adds shoes and whatnot for 2k18. Meanwhile the graphics, animations and presentation are all still trash. EA is worthless

DanCarFilms says:

Why do the player models look so bad?

J Gunzler says:

That’s all? I was hoping they would’ve scrapped the old basic face mask template for the round riddell helmets. With everything being HD and 4K now, you can tell that the masks are in need of a cleanup. Like what they did for the Drew Brees 3 bar type masks a couple years ago. Most of the speed flex helmet masks need it too. Just look at guys like Gronk, Ajayi, Beckham, and Watt. Those masks look all out of sorts. It’s not a huge deal, but if they claim to pay attention to details then they must’ve skipped over this stuff.

I'm Definitely Not A Troll says:

EA is not getting my money fuck this Madden 18 Update fucking shit

MooseRocket says:

Zeke’s cleats look like they’re 7 inches long on the bottom. wtf.

Alpha wolf says:

I pre ordered the game on Xbox and there was like a 40GB update on it yesterday, FYI I guess so this was probably it

jim marquardt says:

What no mouth guard for running backs

Douglas Chadmon says:

Wasn’t this video already made

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