Madden NFL 19: Gameplay Impressions (Franchise, MUT, Play Now)

IGN Madden veteran Bobby Amos shares his first impressions from a few modes in this year’s NFL sim.

Madden NFL 18 Review:
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rayquan cuffee says:

Did they fix the shoulder pads?

HonduranGuy100 says:

People,it’s football not much is going to change it’s not call of duty I’m pretty excited about this years madden can’t wait.

Danny C says:

I know this is a longshot but does anyone have a next gen bobby wagner or any gold coach for mut 25

vistalite 78 says:

This game should be burned BRING BACK 2k!!!!!!

afrothunder1998 says:

2:14 perfect description of mut

Tha BrownMamba says:

I wonder how much of this scripted I dont they are just shooting the shot right now.

The Lone Wolf says:

Madden 2020 should be where the biggest upgrades will be. I just watch these games on YouTube channels but it’s still fun to see at times.

Jeff Paul says:

Madden 18.5

Cory Sergent says:

Can we honestly believe someone’s opinion on a game that uses this camera angle?

Desirousname287 says:

I’m really limp

Jack Malec says:

Animations! Talking about animations! LJ looks like bambi running on ice

SnowCrust says:


Matthew Milliman says:

Madden makes every player look like they’re running in slow motion. There should be some contrast in speed between Lamar Jackson and the d line.

gabe newland says:

This is what happens when American football video games have no challenge. At least FIFA has PES as a competitor to improve their game year by year. Madden has been recycled for the past 4 years

Albert Hoffman says:

im only buying it because its on PC

Chris Taylor says:

– Movements still look stiff
– Ball carrier moves are slow and sluggish and purely animation driven
– Pass coverage is still terrible and unrealistic
– Human AI teammates will still run to a point and allow themselves to be blocked due to offense and defense not acting independently.
– Strength and tackle do not play into hit sticking (we’ve seen a punter big hit a returner).
– Movement and momentum are not factored into a tackle (2:29 – Returner is not moving, gets hit, bounces right off of tackle)

No idea why anyone would go out and buy this on Day One.

Other than the ridiculous “It’s the only football game we have!!!” nonsense.

packers nation franchise jorney says:

Ok here the thing ita a new Madden new game even I can see the difference in the game if u guys don’t see it buy glasses it just a game be happy what u got I’m tried of people crying over games because it not what they want it to be at least they are trying everything can’t be perfect

FettyGamer says:

I honestly am glad that the game looks different compared to 17 and 18

William Coulter says:

Even Madden fans are saying its still the same game as many years ago.

It should be illegal for the NFL to be able to lock in a company to only be able to develop a professional football sports game. That’s like Marvel or Transformers saying only Capcom can make games with wolverine or bumblebee in it.

NiftyFifty says:

Bring back NFL 2k

mynightmarexxx1000 says:

Madden needs an expansion team feature in cfm, whether we user create it or the cpu does it on its own. Would be cool.

winning city HD says:

everyone mad about it looking the same and everything else but at the end of the day we all buying it.

Big-G NY. says:

Repatch lol

Tha BrownMamba says:

We need another NCAA

Anthony Williams says:

Game is trash. 2k8 football game is better than this game

Savage Kid says:


Cooking Sauce says:

why are people still buying this garbage? dumb casual gamers

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