MADDEN NFL 19 FRANCHISE FIRST DETAILS! Schemes, Archetypes, Custom Draft Classes and More!

MADDEN NFL 19 FRANCHISE FIRST DETAILS! Schemes, Archetypes, Custom Draft Classes and More!

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CloutGod II says:

@SGO can you push for them to add more routes for hot routes


EA won’t fool me this year its nothing they can do to make me think about buying another year of this thrash beware buyer’s

Maurice johnson says:

Keep putting out the madden news videos love hearing about the improvements thank ya bro.

dreadheadbaby1228 says:

Creat a team. I wanna build mines from scratch. I really don’t like MUT

Monterries Minter says:

Since Nike has uniform licensing Nike should put a lot of their concepts and old uniforms they’ve used to use for relocation and rebranding

iCMan//Child says:

I want more uni options for relocated teams. For example, we could use all 3 options so we can have alternates OR we could get slots where we could create multiple uniform layouts based around the logo and color scheme.

M. Shadows says:

Ok, Im kinda hyped now. I feel like they will finally adress the huge issues that M18 had, and are finally listening to us!

Vinnie1k says:

so no my superstar type mode ?? bet i’m not buying

MultiRayman98 says:

it’s probably going to suck but if we keep going we’ll going to get a good franchise in 3-4 years

Jordan Ridgeway says:

Madden is broken, EA doesnt care about their game so neither do i

Rodney Walker says:

We’re getting another game thats emphasizing on things we’ve already known and done. They should just be an update. Now we have to pay 60 to 99 bucks for this?

Classix Gamer says:

They had the scheme and players traits in Madden 25

SCF Management says:

Any news on ota’s or a training camp 2 get rookies ready 4 season


Why is there a bust on the thumbnail?

Bill BixBe says:

…Build a better AI…

Jarrett Bonner says:

We not letting them trick us this year

Patrick Fletcher says:

Just like MLB 18

Elliott says:

Could you split carries?

Demarcus Turner says:

They need to have it in CFM mode where when we disconnect we can restart from wherever the score was & save stats

Scotty W says:

Still waiting for the day you announce EA has licensing for NCAA Football… sad thing is that it may never happen

JordanOfMadden Davis says:

Lamar Jackson Gonna be a Beast 90 speed 92acc

Caleb Perkins says:

What they need to do is add the nfl combine and players drills in player franchise who remember doing those iq test

Kelan McLain says:

They’d better have coaching carousel, coordinators, and a playable combine.

trsswp says:

Don’t matter. It’s gonna be garbage……….. Again.

BanksofAmerika says:

Nothing new here EXCEPT draft classes don’t be fooled….

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