MADDEN NFL 19 FIRST DETAILS! Release Date, Cover and New Features!

MADDEN NFL 19 FIRST DETAILS! Release Date, Legend Cover Athlete and New Features!

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James Craft says:

Practice mode 4 MUT, custom playbooks or download 4 MUT carry mut coins over

Johnny DeGood says:


leroy samuels says:

They really need to bring back madden moments and why can’t we play with all time teams like 2k?

Deity says:

TO should be in Niner gear

David Houston says:

Madden is trash y’all idiots for spending money every year to buy the same trash,glitchy bullshit.

will jojo says:

EA’s Madden NFL is bs. FACTS

doge is the best says:

Am I only one that wanted colorful visors back?

Greg Froelich says:

Switch version???

Ray says:

Custom draft class is nice.  Everything else is major BS…..boring BS.

D Ellis says:

Homefield advantage should matter. I remember on the NCAA FOOTBALL games, homefield mattered. OSU, Alabama, Penn St, LSU, Florida & Texas had some of the best homefields.

Bill BixBe says:

If games are still scripted all this means nothing

William Richardson says:

I this hope its good I dont care about animations

markese fearon says:

Can we get throwback teams like 2k

michael and britteny ann clutch David 47 says:

when in the fuck will thay put in all time rosters to use in arcade or bring back create ur own team or roster

Dominic Kowalczyk says:

FINALLY!!! Custom draft class!!!

Justin Paul says:


Edward Rucker says:

Thanks Man! Love your videos. The music in the background in the video is hard. Who are the artist?

D Ellis says:

shoulda been TO with the 49ers…

Steven c says:

Stopped playing since 18 came out

TheOmengod says:

Its like Ea purposely leaves shit out of the game just so they have something new (which is actually recycled) to add to the game every year? Its basically like getting dick teased by this hot ass chick for the last 13 years and counting! Never gonna get it! LMAO!

Poor Metaphor says:

If anyone is still playing madden 18 now we are over 5 patches in and there is still catching animation glitches it’s not even fun anymore since madden 25…

D.L. Canada says:

I want to see backs run over dbs at the goal line. If a rb has high trucking he should take a DB into the endzone instead of the DB knocking a strong rb on his back

Tanner Joye says:

Add more helmets/facemasks. I’d love to see the Schutt f7 in this game

HOT691 says:

Buy now and get ten percent off mmmm naw I think I’ll wait like I did with the Madden 19 the price dropped to 24.99 something like that. I I spent a a total of $400 on Madden points not anymore if I do get the game I’ll be buying coins. I bought the Madden 18 also with the the goat edition it it’s not worth . I’ll wait for that price to drop then I’ll jump in it.

Sports Gamers Online says:

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oh jay says:

Love TO!!!

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