Madden NFL 18: Longshot The Movie (All Cutscenes)

A collection of every cutscene, telling the story of Madden 18’s Longshot. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished the campaign.

The First 20 Minutes of Madden 18 Longshot Gameplay:

Madden NFL 18: MUT Squads Explained:

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Jordan Hinton says:

UR DUMB, packers got Aaron Rodgers. Devin Wade good and better than some starting QB. but devin can’t take rodgers spot

Glanter Playz says:

Phenomenal Job on the animation

Wildcat Gaming says:

How does this have only around 20k views but they have 8million subs

Jeff Nelson says:

Dont know about you all but this Longshot is fun as hell……Im lovin it….EA did an outstanding job on it…For once

True Tv says:

Call plays? just text

Evan Jennings says:

Will there be an actual version of Colts song

Marcus Phung says:

Lmfao on that josh butterly guy

simonhillancocacola says:

glad to see him wearing bose headphones and not those shitty beats


this is amazing

The OutsidersGA says:

The NFL coach looks like Vince McMahon

Jay Hairston says:

Kid Cudi went undrafted. Lol

Jimmy Sheridan says:

Why would you choose to go against your best friend?

Milan potman says:

Why does his dad look so much like wesley snipes tho?

shackey129 says:

Sounds like main character from the newest mafia

Jeff Nejdl says:

Like a Packer would, take the selfish path and not even tell his friend the truth. A-hole. Have fun being Rogers’ towel boy for 6 years

Madden NFL Top Games Seller Site MMOCS. COM says:

Very beautiful 30

Fab Dab Gaming says:

I finished madden yesterday, the day it came out. And it’s stupid as hell because you can’t play in the NFL with him unless you play in MUT, which i dont.

Rick Richardson says:

Only if NBA live 18 was this good.

Haxenabled says:

*plays the whole game*

Dominic Doss says:

Who tf doesn’t know we’re safety is

Soaking Genie says:

He skipped through most of the playing parts and showed mostly the story or this thing would be like 10 hours long

Joseph Gaines says:

What is song called tho

Richard Sherman says:

Long shot season 2

Skyflakes101 says:

I can imagine longshot being an actual movie

Colin Gale says:

I would never draft somebody named wolverine justice…

J.T. says:

This is so neat to see Mathis get recognition like this. Of course the mascot, colors, etc are different, but still! I live 30 minutes from there. I absolutely love how UT is used instead of any other school too. All around win! 🙂

Alex Barraza says:

This dude is so stupid

PcolaKid Chamo says:

i loved the story, it was really heartwarming and everyone can get something

Blake Ringstrom says:

I just got madden 18 yesterday super fun its actually a lot different from madden 17

Austin Phinney says:

Why would they not let you make the guy look like you want them to? if 2k can do it they should be able to… its not that hard guys come on.

SosaKidE says:

Everyone called it trash, but i though it was good tbh

Maxed Out says:

Copying ‘The Journey’ smh

Calvin Martin says:

Can you play after he’s drafted?

Alex Sosna says:

So I can’t make the guy look like me? Because that would sell.

leeazo says:

Am I the person that sees the similarities between Dervin Wade and Derwin Davis?

Etienne Isuk says:

Why’d you go to the packers!?

Spencer Rockwell Pierce says:

So it seams that if u want to go to ur favorite team. Pick their rivals. Me? Imma Broncos fan. So imma have to pick the raiders earlier on in the story. It’s gonna hurt but I have to do it. Btw the pats one is bills or jets. Not dolphins tho

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